Man United Star Mason Greenwood Rearrested For Breaching Bail Condition


Manchester United star, Mason Greenwood, has been arrested after suspicions that he has breached his bail condition.

Mason Greenwood
Police rearrest Mason Greenwood for breaching bail condition

Mason Greenwood, 21, was granted bail after he was arrested for alleged assault, rape, and death threats.

According to reports, Mason Greenwood has now been rearrested after he reportedly contacted his alleged victim, which is deemed a breach of the bail condition.

The beleaguered Premier League and Manchester United forward is now said to be under intense interrogation after the Police arrested him in his mansion worth £15,000 monthly.

A GMP spokesman said: “Greater Manchester Police are aware of an allegation regarding a 21-year-old man breaching his bail conditions and an arrest has been made on Saturday 15 October 2022.

“Enquiries are ongoing at this time.”

Mason Greenwood was held in Police custody since January of this year and had been awaiting his fate.

The youngster reportedly spent three nights in custody after he was whisked off by the Police in his home at Bowdon, Greater Manchester.

Mason Greenwood
Greenwood charged for alleged assault, raped, and issuing death threats

On February 2, it was a good news for Man United fans when it was revealed that Mason Greenwood has been granted bail.

However, he had remained off media spotlights as he maintains a low profile.

After a court hearing in June, the date for which Greenwood was to answer his bail was pushed back from the original date, which was April 30, 2022.

After the allegations of assault, rape, and death threats surfaced online, Manchester United immediately suspended the England youngster to pave the way for investigations.

However, he still receives his £75,000 weekly wages from the club as the criminal proceedings against him continue.

After the news of his bail was disseminated, Manchester United still maintained that Greenwood still remains suspended from the squad until everything is settled.

The Red Devils initially stated that it did “not condone violence of any kind.” They later suspended Greenwood after police investigations began.

Mason Greenwood

However, Manchester United’s position was a bit contradictory after Greenwood was still spotted in the clubs website.

This led to speculations that the Old Trafford club must have reinstated the England star.

The Red Devils immediately issued a statement to that effect, saying, “There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status.

“However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.”

Joining Manchester United at a very tender age of six, Mason Greenwood was promoted to the Red Devils’ starting IX due to his brilliance with the ball. He last played for the Red Devils on January 22 when the team beat West Ham 1-0.

The player joined United aged just six and rose through the ranks to land himself a regular spot on the first team.

In 2019, Mason Greenwood featured in the Champions League for Manchester United, becoming the youngest footballer to play for United in the Champions League at age 17.

Before his legal battle which started in January 2022, he scored 35 goals for Manchester United in 129 appearances.

Mason Greenwood made his first appearance for the Three Lions of England in 2020 under England manager Gareth Southgate.

He was featured as a substitute in England’s 1-0 win over Iceland.


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