Mason Greenwood Ready To Marry Pregnant Girlfriend Harriet Robson After Rape Saga


    Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood is reportedly ready to tie the knot with his pregnant girlfriend, Harriet Robson, after rape saga.

    Mason Greenwood ready to marry girlfriend Harriet Robson after rape saga

    The 21-year-old hit a death knell in his Manchester United career after Harriet Robson, 20, alleged he violated and assaulted her in 2022.

    He was arrested and charged for assault, rape, attempted rape, and coercive behavior towards the young English model.

    The Manchester United youngster nearly torpedoed his Manchester United career standing trial to clear his name.

    He lost endorsements and sponsorships. Manchester United suspended him from the squad pending investigations into the allegations.

    Despite being suspended from the Red Devils’ squad, Mason Greenwood was still earning his £75,000 weekly wage.

    After a dragging legal tussle, the Crown Prosecuting Service, CPS, dropped all charges against Greenwood, citing setback due to withdrawal of witnesses.

    Manchester United had refused to reinstate him back to the squad after the charges were dropped. The club has begun investigations into the rape saga.

    While investigations are ongoing, reports emerged Mason Greenwood was expecting his first child with Harriet Robson in the summer.

    The England international flaunted his pregnant girlfriend on the media. This comes at the backdrop of calls by Manchester United women and some of his male teammates that he should not be reinstated back to the squad.

    Manchester women supporter group insisted Mason Greenwood should not be allowed to step his foot into Old Trafford again after the rape saga despite reports the youngster seems to have reawaken his relationship with Harriet.

    After news of Harriet Robson’s pregnancy, the Sun reports Mason Greenwood is ready to marry Harriet and has reportedly relayed his marriage plans to his family.

    Mason Greenwood’s marriage plans is coming at the backdrop of the ongoing investigation by Manchester United into the rape saga.

    Mason Greenwood marriage

    The club had reportedly interviewed the beleaguered forward in the preliminary stage of the investigation and will hope to come out with a conclusion at the end of the season.

    It is believed the new development on the relationship between Greenwood and Harriet may likely affect the outcome of Manchester United’s investigation into the alleged rape.

    Mason Greenwood has been eager to return to the Manchester United squad after charges against him were dropped by the Crown Prosecuting Service.

    He has reportedly met with his Manchester United teammates including Manchester United executives to narrate his version of the incident and innocence.

    After crossing the legal hurdle, he has gotten back on track with his relationship with Harriet but United are unmoved by the dropped charges and the status of the relationship.

    The club will come out with a conclusion from their investigation and take a decision at the end of the season.

    Mason Greenwood last played for Manchester United on January 22 and has made 32 appearances for the club, scoring 7 goals with one assist before the rape saga.


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