Mason Greenwood Willing to Play in China if Manchester United Terminate His Contract


    Embattled Manchester United winger Mason Greenwood is reportedly willing to play in China if Manchester United consider terminating his contract.

    Mason Greenwood

    Mason Greenwood was suspended from Manchester United squad after he was indicted of rape, controlling and coercive behavior towards his girlfriend.

    In a shock development this week, the Crown Prosecuting Service decided to drop all charges against the 21-year-old.

    It was another magic moment of renewed hope for Manchester United fans who had longed to have the prolific forward return to the pitch.

    However, after charges against Greenwood were dropped, Manchester United took a somewhat controversial stand on the issue.

    Futballnews understand Manchester United’s reaction to Mason Greenwood’s dropped charges would either lead into two opposite outcomes – a re-intergration of Mason Greenwood into the squad or a termination of his contract.

    Either of the two outcomes will depend on the final results of the internal investigations conducted by the club.

    Three hours after the Crown Prosecuting Service announced their decision to drop all charges against Mason Greenwood due to the technical inconsistencies making validation of claims impossible, Manchester United issued an official statement announcing their position on the new development.

    The statement on the club’s website reads;

    ‘Manchester United notes the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped.’

    ‘The club will now conduct its own process before determining next steps. We will not make any further comment until that process is complete,’ the statement added.

    Mason Greenwood
    Mason Greenwood considering a move to China

    Manchester United’s reaction to the issue has been met with shock and disbelief by Mason Greenwood, who had hoped to return to the squad after charges against him were dropped.

    The Sun reports Greenwood has ‘begrudgingly’ accepted United’s ‘internal process’ that will determine his future at the club.

    Meanwhile, before Manchester United’s reaction to Greenwood’s dropped charges, reports of a fractured relationship between Mason Greenwood and Manchester United surfaced with sources close to the player saying he had even vowed not to play for Manchester United again because the club did not stand by him.

    Instead of continuing in Manchester United shirt, the source claims Mason Greenwood has even preferred to ply his trade in Chinese provided he earns and play often.

    Greenwood’s stance has been attributed to the tensed relations between him and club in the aftermath of his arrest and the club’s reaction.

    However, sources close to the player said he has softened on his previous belligerent stand, but will be open to a move to the Chinese Super League depending on the outcome of Manchester United’s internal investigations.

    Mason Greenwood is still listed on Manchester United website

    Despite pushing the argument for an impending move to China on the backdrop of Man United’s response to his prosecution, other sources have claimed Mason Greenwood fears possible harassment during Premier League games, especially by rival fans.

    Meanwhile, Greenwood is still on United’s Premier League squad list, and has retained his jersey number, with his bio and profile still on the club’s website. Nevertheless, Manchester United’s updated squad list for Europa League knockout round has not featured the player.

    Erik Ten Hag refused to comment when asked about Mason Greenwood, falling back to the club’s official statement following the dropped charges.

    Greenwood last played for Manchester United in January 2021 in the club’s 1-0 win over West Ham in the Premier League.


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