Why Police in UK seized Paul Pogba’s Rolls-Royce

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    images 2020 06 19T074448.724

    The Police in the United Kingdom seized Manchester United’s Paul Pogba‘s Rolls-Royce on Thursday for allegedly using a French number plate instead of that of the UK.

    The Greater Manchester police said in a statement that they were given a tip-off that Pogba was driving his Rolls-Royce M56 against the Licensing regulations of the United Kingdom.

    In the UK, it was gathered that cars brought into the country by non-citizens must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and fitted with UK plates on or before 6 months. While the citizens of the country who import cars into the country must do that within the first two weeks of bringing the cars into the country.

    Paul Pogba cruising in his Rolls-Royce
    Paul Pogba cruising in his Rolls-Royce

    But in the case of Paul Pogba, his exotic Rolls-Royce was not registered with the DVLA after 6 months of bringing the car into the country. He then had to be stopped while driving along Manchester Airport motorways on Thursday afternoon.

    “At around 12.55 pm, police on a routine patrol in the Trafford area stopped a vehicle on Hale Road. The vehicle was seized under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act.

    “A 27-year-old man has been reported for driving otherwise in accordance with a UK driving licence.”

    An eyewitness told TheSun that no one had the idea that it was the Manchester United‘s star that was in the car. The eyewitness revealed that the car was not driving beyond speed limit but saw the police can driving behind the car and made it to pull off the motorway.

    Paul Pogba cruising in his Rolls-Royce
    Paul Pogba cruising in his Rolls-Royce

    It was at this point the passerbys noticed that it was Paul Pogba that was in the car as he was made to come out from the vehicle. Pogba was transferred into the Police van while the police reportedly towed his Rolls-Royce special edition away.

    “We couldn’t believe it when we saw the driver was Paul Pogba. It looked like he did everything that was asked”, the eyewitness said.

    Paul Pogba's seized Rolls-Royce
    Paul Pogba’s seized Rolls-Royce

    According to reports, the Manchester United‘s star must retrieve his luxurious car within a week after he must have paid a fine of £150 for violating the licensing law of the UK. Besides that, he will be made to pay £20 for every day the car spends in police custody.

    The manager of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won’t be the happiest man right now as the player he could be banking on to stage a return on Friday for the first time in more then 5 months, has now gotten himself into a distractive situation.

    Earlier before Pogba’s car was seized, Solskjaer had issued a statement to the French international urging him to step up his leadership role in the team and prove that he is one of the best players in the world.

    Ole said: “He is a World Cup winner and we want to have that leadership as well. He is one of the world’s best so hopefully, we can get that as soon as possible.

    “Of course Paul has had a difficult season with injuries. But I can see his mentality and focus now he is fit and training. He is ready to prove he has always had quality. I want the same from Paul as from the others — that we give our best.”

    The Manchester United‘s manager will only hope that the Frenchman’s encounter with the police will not by any means affect his game on Friday when Manchester United play their first Premier League match since the return of the 2019-2020 season, against Tottenham Hotspur.


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