Paul Pogba spoke about George Floyd, a black man murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin

    Paul Pogba Futballnews
    Paul Pogba Futballnews

    Another unarmed black man was murdered in Minneapolis  by officer Derek Chauvin, and Paul Pogba said something about the ongoing racism issue in America and around the world.  To read more about the incident, please see the link below.

    Derek Chauvin: What we know about the former officer charged in George Floyd’s death

    Paul Pogba’s statement reads, “During the past few days I have thought a lot about how to express my feelings about what happened in Minneapolis.
    I felt anger, pity, hatred, indignation, pain, sadness.

    Sadness for George and for all black people who suffer from racism EVERY DAY!

    Whether in football, at work, at school, ANYWHERE!

    This has to stop, once and for all! Not tomorrow or the next day, it has to end TODAY!

    Violent acts of racism can no longer be tolerated.
    I can’t tolerate
    I won’t tolerate

    Racism is ignorance
    LOVE is intelligence

    STOP the silence
    STOP racism

    Officer Derek Chauvin was charted with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. He is currently in jail awaiting trial.


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