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Manchester United’s Angel Gomes explains His Quest to get Healing from TB Joshua

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Manchester United midfielder Angel Gomes said he had to visit
TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria to seek for healing when his injuries were becoming too frequent and were hindering the progress of his football career.

He said he took the decision to visit Nigeria in 2016 based on the advice of his parents who are devoted followers of the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua. The 19-year-old England youth footballer said he was there as a Christian who was trying to practice his faith.

Gomes stated this in a series of tweets he shared on Tuesday in reaction to the banter he has been subjected to since a video surfaced on the micro-blogging site showing when he went to the prophet’s church.

In the viral video, the Manchester United youngster was seen testifying about how he has suffered different degrees of injuries, especially whenever he wants to have a breakthrough in his football career.

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He was heard telling the congregation that he decided to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations in order to be touched by prophet TB Joshua.

The United‘s star said: “I’ve been having injuries around my hip and groin which have been affecting me playing. I also suffered an ankle injury not long ago which kept me out for a long time.

“These injuries would come at hard times for me, times when I was having a breakthrough or times when I had to go to a tournament or playing games, these injuries would happen quite frequently.

“I play for Man United, I also represent the England national team Under-17 level as captain. I’ve known about the Synagogue Church of Nations for a long time.

“As my family follows the prophet, my parents are big fans. So we thought it would be a good time for me to come and be touched by the prophet.”

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After his testimony, the United attacking midfielder was seen jumping around trying to show to the congregation that the prayers he has received from the prophet have had a positive impact.

The scenario has been so funny to so many people on Twitter that he has to tweet that it has also been ‘crazy’ to him while looking at it from outside. He, however, stressed that he was just trying to practice his faith and doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

“From the outside looking in it looks crazy, but I was just practising my faith”, he tweeted. “I didn’t really need to explain myself but a lot of people were asking me what the video was about.

“I was young at the time and if my parents thought something was best for me I would do it. There are far more important issues out there in the world we can tackle.”

Angel Gomes has spent 11 years at Manchester United. He started his journey from the club’s football academy at the age of six and was promoted to the senior team in 2017. Since he joined the senior team, he has managed to play for the club in 10 matches.

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As at the time of publishing this report, the club is reportedly waiting on him to sign his contract extension which will see him continue his development at United.

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