Mike Tyson’s cannabis company wants to Buy the Naming Right of Barcelona’s Nou Camp

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    img 1587906051804 1587906065511

    Mike Tyson’s cannabis company ‘Swissx’, intends to acquire the naming right of Barcelona stadium Nou Camp and also intends to call it Swissx Stadium if the deal scale through.

    Recall that Barcelona football club announced on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, that it was putting up the naming right of is stadium for sale for the first time since the stadium was constructed in 1957.

    The sale of the naming right, according to a statement issued by FC Barcelona, would only be valid for a year, 2020-2021 football season; and the money generated from the transaction would be donated to the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

    Barcelona’s Nou Camp could be named after a cannabis company

    Mike Tyson having a feel of cannabis in his Tyson Ranch
    Mike Tyson having a feel of cannabis in his Tyson Ranch

    In that light, Mike Tyson’s business partner Alki David says it would be “an amazing idea” if Barcelona‘s stadium is named after their cannabis company which is based in California, United States of America.

    David told BBC Sports that if the deal scale through, concessions of the stadium would be used to “provide plant medicine products”.

    “It’s something we’ve specifically been looking for to adopt in our company and it seemed like an amazing idea”, he said.

    “My company is a cannabis company and Spain has a long tradition within the European Union as being a leader or a liberal in the road towards legalisation, so it’s evolved quite naturally.”

    Mike Tyson who is a retired heavyweight champion is now into acting and public speaking. Besides that, he has invested heavily in the drug business, especially cannabis and supplements made from the plant.

    The 53-year-old retired boxer started the cannabis business in 2016 and has a ‘Tyson Ranch’ where he grows cannabis in California where the use of the plant is legal.

    He reportedly earns about £500,000-per-month from the business and plans to establish a university where the act of growing cannabis would be taught.

    It is left to see how far Mike Tyson and his business partner David will go in their attempt to secure the Naming Right of Barcelona‘s Nou Camp. It is also an interesting event everyone would want to see how it would end.


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