COVID-19: Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero Says Most Footballers Are Scared to Resume Too Soon

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    images 2020 05 01T071322.858

    Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero says most footballers are scared by the prospect of returning to football too soon amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Premier League has been suspended since March to minimize the continuous spread of the dreaded virus. But the league management body has been working with the clubs under ‘Project Restart’ to see how they can resume the 2019-2020 season which was supposed to end on June 30th before the pandemic set in.

    There are reports that the league body and the Premier League clubs would meet today, Friday, 1 May 2020, to discuss how the season can resume on June 8.

    Recall that European football governing body gave the Premier League and other leagues in Europe until May 25 to submit their plans for the resumption of their leagues.

    With all indications, the Premier League is very determined to meet the deadline and probably complete the interrupted season before the end of summer.

    Even some Premier League clubs like Arsenal football club and Tottenham have opened their training facilities for their players to engage in individual training in anticipation of the commencement of the league.

    Sergio Aguero is also scared to resume

    Sergio Aguero
    Sergio Aguero

    But Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero told a Spanish TV programme El Chiringuito that most players would not want to resume so early because they have families to protect and care for.

    He said he is also scared of resuming despite not having any contact with anyone except with his girlfriend who he has been on lockdown with.

    The Manchester City talisman noted that the ease at which someone can contract the virus makes it inadvisable for an early resumption of the league.

    The 31-year-old Argentine striker said: “The majority of players are scared because they have family, they have children, they have babies, parents.

    “It does scare me but I have just been here with my girlfriend, I haven’t had contact with other people and they say that to contract the disease is very rare and difficult but they say that there are people who have it, and they don’t have symptoms and they can infect you.

    “That’s why I’ve stayed at home. You can be infected and you don’t know anything about it.”

    Manchester City is among the clubs in the Premier League that has not opened its training facility for its players. The club’s players have continued to train individually at their homes to keep fit.


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