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Manchester City to punish Kyle Walker for breaching lockdown protocol in the UK and hosting ‘sex party’

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Manchester City has reacted to the claim that one of its players identified as Kyle Walker breached the lockdown protocol in the United Kingdom by hosting a ‘sex party’. The 29-year-old England player allegedly invited two women in his palatial mansion for a sex party amidst the lockdown in the United Kingdom.

The government of the United Kingdom has given a directive for a lockdown of the entire country which includes restriction of movement and social distancing in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Walker was one of the football players who have been advocating that their fans should obey all rules and regulations that have been given by authorities in order to stop the spread of the novel Covid-19 after it has affected over 40,000 people and killed no fewer than 4,000 persons.

However, in a report published by The Sun, Kyle Walker was said to have invited two women into his home to spend the evening with him. One would have worried a little if the person who breached the lockdown order was a random person, but a notable person like Manchester City’s right-back defender is a big reason to worry.

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Although, the 29-year-old player has immediately tendered his apology for breaching the law which has led to disappointment especially the millions of people who look up to him as a sportsman. In a statement released by the defender, he said “I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week.

“I understand that my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model. As such, I want to apologise to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down.”

Unfortunately, his letter of apology seems to be trash to Manchester City. The English club confirmed that it was true that Kyle Walker breached the lockdown protocol after he had admonished people to obey guidelines stated by authorities. Also, Manchester City expressed their disappointment in the footballer for going against the rules that have been mandated by the government to safeguard the lives of people during the outbreak of COVID-19.

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The club further stated that the English man will be punished by the club for his act of disobedience. This was revealed via a statement released by the club which read:

Manchester City FC are aware of a story in a tabloid newspaper regarding the private life of Kyle Walker in relation to a breach of the UK lockdown and social distancing rules. “Footballers are global role models, and our staff and players have been working to support the incredible efforts of the NHS and other key workers in fighting the effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, in any way we can. Kyle’s actions in this matter have directly contravened these efforts.

“We are disappointed to hear the allegations, note Kyle’s swift statement and apology, and will be conducting an internal disciplinary procedure in the coming days.”

It could be recalled that Aston Villa skipper Jack Grealish also broke the lockdown protocol sometimes last week. Grealish crashed his Range Rover car barely 24 hours after he posted a video online begging people to stay home and be safe.

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