Where to get FIFA 21 cheap in the UK and US for Xbox One & PS4

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Ahead of the official release of the FIFA 21 billed for October 9, there are some online stores that you can easily get the game at a cheap price.

This is a means of saving money, right? It means you can save money by purchasing the most popular football game in the world.

It is no longer news that the FIFA 21 will be launched worldwide on October 9, but it will be initially available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is scheduled for before Christmas. There is however no release date yet for next-gen consoles quite yet.

FIFA 21 will be available from October 9

In this case, every gamer on whichever system loves to find a bargain. So, they won’t mind shopping around to find discounts and offers for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: Prices of EA’ Sports new football titles

There is a range of prices for EA Sports’ new football titles. This depends on which version of the game being purchased. For instance, the Standard Edition costs on consoles are £59.99 ($59.99), while the Champions Edition costs at £79.99 (£79.99). The Ultimate Edition is usually sold at £89.99 ($99.99).

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Those prices no doubt seemed a little expensive for some people. To get your hand on the best football game in the world, you can still buy for cheaper if you know where to look and when.

Note that PlayStation 4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X and PC have different editions. The game will be released on Google Stadia, but the sales price is yet to be revealed.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game, which costs £44.99 is just a data update to FIFA 20.

PS4 & PS5 £59.99 / $59.99£79.99 / $79.99£89.99 / $99.99
Xbox One & Xbox Series X£59.99 / $59.99£79.99 / $79.99£89.99 / $99.99
PC£54.99 / $59.99£69.99 / $79.99£79.99 / $99.99
Google StadiaTBCTBCTBC
Nintendo Switch£44.99 / $49.99

Where to get FIFA 21 at a cheap price

Having a pre-order is the cheapest way to buy FIFA 21. This is because many retailers offering discounts if you purchase the game ahead of time.

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You can also get it at a cheaper rate by buying the digital version of game. You will just be emailed a code to download directly onto your console rather than getting a physical disc.

You can also get it via Amazon, as the store usually has discounts on pre-ordered games. According to research, FIFA 21 is available from £49.99. There are further incentives if you purchase the game with FIFA Points.

You can also get the digital version at a discount rate from CDKeys. The Standard Edition is sold at £45.99 in the UK and $46.49 in the US, while rhe Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition also have discounts of up to 22 percent. There are also reductions on FIFA Points bought at CDKeys.

Also offering deals on previous FIFA games are large retailers, which include Walmart and GameStop. However, they currently have no discounts on the new release. Note that anything can change in the market within some hours. So, be on the lookout.

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If you are with an EA Access or Origin Access account, you can get a 10 percent discount on all versions of FIFA 21. To activate the discounts, you need to first register for EA Access or Origin Access through your console or PC. After the registration, you can then pre-order the game. This also gives you the privilege to download and trial the game for 10 hours from October 1 to October 9.

Meanwhile, you can still get FIFA 21 at a cheaper price if you are not in hurry. All you need to do is to wait for a few months after the release. Then you can pick up a second-hand copy at a greatly reduced cost.

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