FIFA 21 web app: Start Setting up Your FIFA Ultimate Team


    Are you set to start setting up your Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) ahead of the official release of Fifa 21? If yes, you can easily do that via FIFA 21 web app or better still, Fifa 21 Companion App.

    Do you know that every year, the publisher of the FIFA video game series, EA Sports, often releases the web app for a particular series a few weeks before the official launch of the new series? Since all gamers who enjoy the FIFA mode game, are now waiting for the official release of FIFA 21 on October 9, another thing they are looking out for is the release date for FIFA 21 web app.

    Based on the recurring history of EA Sports, the Web app always comes out once every year. Hence, this year’s edition is expected to be available between 25 to 30 of September. This means that the Fifa 21 Web App will be up and running at least one week before the commencement of Fifa 21 early access on October 6 and less than two weeks before the official launch of the game on October 9.

    What is Fifa 21 Companion App?

    Fifa 21 Companion app is the same as FIFA 21 web app. They both perform the same functions in the sense that they are used to manage the FIFA Ultimate team.

    Through it, you can manage your FUT on the go even while you are away from your PC or console. That is, you can sign new players, sell players, buy coins, sell coins on EA stores, boost your players, and carry out other activities you would normally do via your PC or console.

    The only thing you can not do on your web app or companion app is that you can not play the game via such means.

    One good thing about the companion app is that the app is upgraded once there is a new web app for a new edition of the game. This means that you would not need to download the app on your device once you have done so in earlier editions.

    All you have to do is to upgrade it to the latest version via the app stores for Android and IOS mobile devices and tablets.

    As for the web app, it is always on the web and attached to the suffice of the official website of EA Sports. But access to a platform for a new version of the game often goes live a few weeks to the release of the new version.

    Why is it a big deal now?

    Home page of Fifa 20 Web App. Fifa 21 Web app to be released soon.
    Home page of Fifa 20 Web App.

    As earlier stated, the Fifa 21 Web App or Companion App will soon be available. Once it is out, you can access the web app via the EA Sports official website and download the companion app on the app store of your device for free.

    Besides the fact that you can use the app to buy and sell players, trade on the market, and complete Squad Building Challenges, you can use the app to earn coins, players, and packs.

    One good thing about the app is that every day you log into the app, you have the privilege of being rewarded with a pack to build your FUT. However, you can claim the reward once in a day.

    Those who are active users of the FIFA 20 web app or companion app would be rewarded with free packs to create their teams for the 2021 version of the game when they login to the new version of the app.

    Note that you can only use the Fifa 21 web app or the companion app if you have an account with EA Sports. So, if you are new in the game, get yourself an account via EA Sports official website.


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