PlayStation 5 Release Date and FIFA 21 upgrades


    Gamers are getting set for the launching of PlayStation 5 just like how those who enjoy playing FIFA 21 are anticipating the release of the new version of the football simulation.

    Before PlayStation 5 console will be available for purchase, Fifa 21 will already be in stores. Hence, the football simulation will be released on the current generation of PlayStation which is PS4, and other gaming platforms like Xbox and PC.

    What to expect on PlayStation 5 and its release date?

    What to expect on PlayStation 5 and its release date?

    PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released before the Christmas holiday in most parts of the world especially in Europe but it would have been on sales in the United States before Thanksgiving.

    To be specific, Sony, the company behind PlayStation will release the 5th generation of the console in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea on November 12, more than a month after the launching of Fifa 21, football simulation published by EA Sports.

    Lovers of the console who are outside the countries listed above would have to wait until November 19 before they can get hold of PS5. However, gamers across the world have been pre-ordering PS5 since September 17.

    One mind-blowing feature of PS5 is that plus the launch day release games, the forthcoming version of the console will have backward compatibility for PS4 games. This means that you can be able to play your PS4 games on the new PS5 console.

    Also, if you buy the standard version of PS5 instead of the digital version of the console, you can use PS4 discs in the drive and play them on the new console.

    Besides that, gamers can safely reinstall the games they purchased from the Playstation store on PS4 whenever they decide to switch to PS5. However, users of the game can only do that if they sign up to their PS5 account using the email address they used to purchase those games on PS4.

    How you can upgrade your Fifa 21 on a PS5 console

    How you can upgrade your Fifa 21 on a PS5 console

    EA Sports has announced that Fifa 21 will be released worldwide on October 9 and people have been pre-ordering the incoming version of the game. The latest version of the football simulation will be released on the PS4 console and other gaming platforms.

    This is so because Fifa 21 will be out before the PS5 release date. Yet, gamers don’t have to be afraid that they might have to buy Fifa 21 for PS4 and then for PS5 console.

    In fact, the backward compatibility that Sony has promised to include in PS5 has greatly made it clear that you can use the FIFA 21 you purchase for PS4 on your new PS5.

    EA Sports has made it clear that the game publishing company will enable its customers to upgrade the Fifa 21 they purchase on PS4 for free when they decide to switch to PS5.

    How much is PlayStation 5?

    As usual, the PlayStation series always comes in two editions – Standard and Digital editions, and their prices always differ.

    Those gamers that intend to buy a standard PS5, the should prepare to pay 499.99 dollars. This edition contains a disc drive that allows gamers to play physical discs and even 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs. It also comes with disc copies of PS4 games.

    On the other hand, the digital edition of PS5 will cost gamers $399.99. The bad side of this is that gamers can only play games they download from the PlayStation Store and the digital PS5 does not come with a disc drive.

    PS5 was released and it sold out immediately, as a result, gamers who did not pre-order are now buying for a much higher price on auction sites.


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