Shakira Has Funny Nickname For Gerard Pique’s New Girlfriend Clara Chia


    Shakira had a funny nickname for Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Chia, whom she knew before divorcing the Spaniard.

    The 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti was working as an intern at Kosmos when the Colombian singer first met her.

    And it has now come to light that Shakira was shocked to learn about her husband’s relationship with the PR student after the fact.

    Journalist Roberto Antolin said the following on the television program Mitre Live: “It was a total surprise.”

    “That’s why it hurt her so much, because she already knew her, and she called her ‘little dead fly.'”

    In Spanish, the term “little dead fly” (mosquita muerta) is used to refer to someone who is innocent and above suspicion.

    The journalist went on to say: “Clara Chia was a person who went unnoticed.”

    “Shakira never saw her as a danger, because she is not a stunning woman, she is a rather normal girl”.

    Antolin said that the singer never had any cause to be suspicious of the 23-year-old because she always treated her nicely when they met at Pique’s workplace.

    “She behaved very well with Shakira. She was a ‘dead fly’: she spoke little, she was tremendously educated, she was an intern, they made little noise,” he stated.

    He added that when their relationship first began, Clara Chia would have given Pique a choice.

    He noted:  “When the relationship with Chía begins, she dots her i’s and tells him: ‘I’m not going to be one more, nor one more affair or one more infidelity.”

    ‘If you want to be with me, go out and say that you are no longer with Shakira'”.

    After 12 years of dating, the ex-Barca star and Shakira dropped the shocking news back in June.

    According to reports, the artist found a jar of her strawberry jam had been devoured before learning of Pique’s adultery.

    According to rumors, Pique maintains a rigorous diet and neither her nor her kids would have eaten the jam.

    The former couple went through a contentious divorce and battled it out for custody of their kids and a £12 million property.

    The ex-couple ultimately decided Shakira would relocate to Miami with her sons and Pique would be permitted ten days of visitation per month.

    Additionally, the former couple consented to sell their five-story Barcelona home.

    In her most recent song, Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53, Shakira has made fun of Pique and Clara Chia., singing “I’m worth two 22-year-olds. You traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded in a Rolex for a Casio.”

    Despite being forced into hiding to avoid the wrath after the release of Shakira’s diss track, the football star and his new girlfriend have gone Instagram official.

    Shakira to take on Gerard Pique in court

    The problem between Shakira and Gerard Pique is still developing because they split up in the most bitter way possible.

    Because the footballer cheated on Shakira with another woman named Clara Chia Marti, they are no longer together after more than 12 years of marriage.

    Although the entire story’s development is well known, there is new information on their legal dispute that no one was previously aware of.

    Ramon Tamborero, the attorney who represented Gerard Pique throughout the proceedings, spoke to La Vanguardia and provided some details.

    He said that the court struggle dragged on for a grueling 7 months, with the final hearing running 13 hours nonstop in December 2022.

    Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, are the two children that Shakira has with Pique.

    They are currently embroiled in a legal dispute that has Gerard Pique’s parents embroiled in the incident.

    Shakira reveals how Pique left her with his parents living next door in the blockbuster song she recorded with Bizzarrap, Music Sessions #35.

    The two of them became even more estranged as a result of the growing body of information about the singer’s appalling marriage to her in-laws.

    We already knew that Shakira was relocating to Miami with both of her kids, despite Gerard Pique’s best efforts to stop her.

    Money was never a source of contention between the former couple; instead, it was about who would get custody of the kids, who are now both staying with Shakira.

    The attorney stated the following: “Both have shown great intelligence. They have made a great effort for the good of their children. Songs aside, it required a seven-month negotiation. The agreement was complex and required preparatory meetings. The decisive meeting before the signing lasted thirteen hours.”

    We were unaware that Pique had also decided on visitation plans for his two sons to see him in Miami. Pique’s parents initially obstructed the discussions for the two kids and even thought about leaving their current home.

    They had to wait a bit longer until Shakira departed, though, because of the move to Miami.

    The song Shakira released made everything far worse, but the ex-couple did manage to come to terms over the kids.

    Due to her father’s health concerns, Shakira was unable to travel to Miami on January 3 as planned.


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