Gerard Pique’s New Girlfriend, Clara, Is Being Tormented By Shakira’s Hit Track


    Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara, is said to be tormented by Shakira’s hit diss track since most people around her see her as the theme of the song.

    Gerard Pique's
    Gerard Pique with his new girlfriend Clara

    According to reports, the 23 year old public relations student Clara Chia Marti, has been teleworking from her parent’s home in Spain to avoid prying eyes.

    According to Spanish journalist Lorena Vazquez who pointed out that people stopped Pique’s alleged girlfriend Clara in the street, and they sing the new Shakira song to her, everyone recognises her and she feels quite shy.

    Further information about Clara was revealed by journalist Saul Ortiz as she confronts hatred directed at her by Shakira, 45, Pique’s ex, following the release of her diss song.

    Clara’s mental state is not good, thus she needed a safe place to go. As a 23-year-old girl and being spoken about all around the world and in Spain is not manageable, Saul Ortiz declared.

    Gerard Pique and Shakira have been having a bitter falling out since breaking up after a 12-year relationship.

    Shakira makes fun of Clara Chia and Gerard Pique in her recently released song, claiming in one savage line; “Sorry baby, I should have kicked you out a long ago. I wish you luck in finding my replacement.”

    She makes fun of Clara Chia by singing, “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, You traded a Rolex for a Casio,” in another lyric.

    Shakira termed the song a “catharsis and a release,” despite the uproar it has generated among fans.

    Within days of its release, the single by the Colombian superstar shot to the top of Spotify’s Top 50 Global chart.

    Additionally, in the history of the platform’s chart, it became the Latin song with the most streams in a single day.

    In response to the song, Gerard Pique arrived to work in an $8,000 Renault Twingo.

    Shakira has persisted in her battle against her allegedly unfaithful ex, Pique, even forbidding her two sons, Sasha, 7, and Milan, 10, from referring to Gerard Pique’s mother as “grandma.”

    Gerard Pique's
    Gerard Pique, Shakira, and children

    Following her breakup with Pique last year, the Colombian singer is reported to be involved in an explosive family fight with her ex-mom-in-law.

    According to sources close to Montserrat Bernabeu, (Gerard Pique’s Mother), she and her husband, attorney Joan Pique, were “open to communication” with Shakira.

    According to speculations, the couple made “sacrifices” to make room for the pop star during their bitter breakup.

    Montserrat Bernabeu is said to have shown support for her son’s current fling, to the chagrin of his ex-girlfriend Shakira and the mother of his child.

    Gerard Pique's
    Gerard Pique looks unhappy after slipt with Shakira

    According to Marca, Montserrat, a respected neurologist has reportedly been upset by the conflict sparked by Shakira.

    After the painful breakup with Shakira, the former Barcelona defender was previously seen on camera looking sad at an NBA game in Paris.


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