Clara Chia And Gerrard Pique Seen Together For The First Time After Shakira’s Diss Song


Clara Chia, the new lover of retired Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique was seen with the footballer for the first time after Piqué’s estranged partner, Shakira released a diss track against them.

Clara Chia, Gerrard Pique and Shakira saga

Clara Chia, currently 23 years of age, is said to have taking cover by staying in the home of her parents after the popular female musician, Shakira lambasted her and Pique in a recently released diss track.

Many deduced in an instant that the inflammable song dropped by Shakira was for Clara and her ex Pique.

When the new song dropped last month, Clara is thought to have taken into hiding by moving into the house of her parents in Spain so as to go under the radar away from public scrutiny.

Recently, it appeared that Clara Chia is most definitely back to the eye of the public as she was seen with Gerard Pique while she was leaving her penthouse in a vehicle.

Clara Chia

Clara Chia was captured wearing sunglasses as she and Gerard Pique were seen smiling in unison. She then moved her back away from the camera and instantly did put on the radio. 

Piqué former lover, Shakira is set to drop another fiery, hot and burning diss track intended at bashing the former professional footballer.

Gerrard Pique and Clara Chia

Shakira’s newly awaited song is expected to be dropped today, Thursday. A day which is the anniversary of Shakira and Pique’s relationship. 

Gerrard Pique and Shakira have both been at loggerheads since they separated from their 12-year romantic relationship late last year.

While Pique has moved on to date the public relations student, Clara Chia, the mother of the World Cup winner is thought to have bombarded Shakira. The Spanish woman reportedly told the singer’s workers to change from a route close to her apartment but the female musician is said to be adamant at doing that.

She has reportedly turned completely ruthless and ready to get back at Gerrard Pique. She has also stopped her sons, Milan who is ten-years-old and Shasha who is seven-years-old from calling their grandmother who is seemingly backing the new relationship between Pique and Clara Chia.

Gerrard Pique seems to have moved on well from the separation that occurred between him and his estranged partner but it seems Shakira is not backing down.

It’s left to be seen, the next plot twist to this storyline or what comes next in this embroiled lingering dispute.


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