Gerard Pique Vs Shakira: Pique’s Mother Storms Shakira’s House And Told Her to Switch Off Her Witch Doll


    The mother of former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique reportedly stormed Shakira’s house to tell the singer to switch off the witch doll she put on the balcony, but she refused.

    The request fell on her deaf ears as she continued to show how bad she felt about the heartbreak from Gerard Pique. Both pairs dated for 12 years.

    The Colombian singer put the horrible creature on her balcony in such a way that it faced Pique’s mother apartment after she ended her relationship with Piqué last year due to his cheating habit.

    Gerard Pique and Shakira

    It was reported that Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, contributed to the failed relationship between Shakira and his son.

    This is said to be the reason why she put the witch doll on her balcony in a bid to always torment her former mother-in-law, whose house faces Shakira’s.

    The Witch door placed in Shakira Balcony

    A few weeks ago, Pique Mother was worried about an alleged ritual that was done to her by a black witch. The mannequin has long gray hair and a white hat.

    Gerard Pique
    Gerard Pique and Shakira

    The neighbors also reported that Shakira blasts a new song, BZRP Music Sessions #53, in order to make Pique’s mother hear it. The content of the song was directed at Pique and his mother.

    In a video circulating online showing when Pique and Shakira were having a conversation, Pique’s mother made a shut-up gesture to Shakira’s face.

    However, Shakira’s reaction was unknown because she was not facing the camera.

    From Pique’s motherly gesture, the conversation at that time doesn’t look friendly. Monserrat Bernabeu’s gesture doesn’t seem like she is joking with Shakira.

    However, Pique has also come face-to-face with the scary doll after he arrived at his ex-girlfriend’s mansion in Spain in a black Range Rover.

    Gerard Pique
    Gerard Pique and Shakira smiles during billboard Red Carpet

    The retired Barcelona defender has moved on with his life and is currently dating a 23-year-old woman named Clara Chia Marti.

    Shakira took a swipe at Pique’s new girlfriend, who is just 23 years old, by saying Pique traded a Ferrari for a Twingo and also traded a Rolex for a Casio.

    However, Pique responded by pulling up in an $8,000 Renault Twingo. 

    Gerard Pique
    Gerard Pique and Shakira looking good

    Before they both spilt she hired professionals to trail the retired footballer after she got suspicious about his movements. 

    Pique was supported frequently in the nightclub where the new girl works. The inevitable happened when both of them started fighting over the custody of their children and their £12 million mansion.

    Shakira’s first suspicion was confirmed when she discovered the jar full of strawberry jam she put in the fridge was reducing, and she doesn’t eat much of it.

    Gerard Pique
    Gerard Pique and Shakira with the La Liga title

    She knows Gerard Pique, who is on a diet, wouldn’t get any closer to the strawberry jar, and the children wouldn’t tamper with it.

    Shakira came to the conclusion that someone else, who is an outsider, has eaten out of the strawberry jar.


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