Gerard Pique Encounters A Terrifying Witch Doll At Shakira’s house


    Gerard Pique came in contact with a terrifying witch doll at his ex Shakira’s house as their ugly feud continues.

    Gerard Pique Encounters A Terrifying Witch Doll At Shakira's Place

    The footballer was observed driving a black Range Rover when he arrived at the Colombian singer’s residence in the Spanish city.

    Gerard Pique, 35, and Shakira, 45, broke up last year after he left her for Clara Chia Marti, 23.

    Since the two separated after a 12-year relationship, they have been involved in a bitter argument.

    Shakira also allegedly installed a horrifying life-size witch above her former mother-in-law’s apartment earlier this month.

    She has allegedly been playing her brand-new tune, BZRP Music Sessions #53, loudly and repeatedly so Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabéu, can hear it.

    When Pique got to his ex-girlfriend’s house on Sunday, he was greeted with the strange witch doll.

    It occurs the day after Pique was seen driving in Barcelona while his sons Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, sipped juice from a cup in the backseat.

    At an NBA game in Paris, the former Barca defender was previously seen looking gloomy.

    The couple divorced last year after the football star made his relationship with Clara known to the world in August.

    Nothing is too small to exact revenge after their incredibly nasty breakup.

    Gerard Pique Encounters A Terrifying Witch Doll At Shakira's Place
    The Itch Doll At Shakira’s place.

    It is clear from the singer’s incendiary song that she is making reference to her ex-partner and his younger mistress.

    She mocks Clara’s age in the new song with the following lyrics: “I’m worth two 22s. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

    Gerard Pique then drove a $8,000 Renault Twingo to work in response to the song.

    Gerard Pique Encounters A Terrifying Witch Doll At Shakira's Place

    He also bragged about the sponsorship contract Casio had given his new seven-a-side team, the King’s League, saying that the less expensive watch would “last a lifetime.”

    Following its January 11 release, Shakira’s song received more than 14 million views and peaked at number five on Spotify’s global charts.

    She spoke in response to the song’s popularity: “I never thought what for me was a catharsis and a release would go straight to number one in the world.

    “I want to embrace the millions of women who rise up against those who make us feel insignificant.

    “Women who defend what they feel and think and raise their hand when they don’t agree – they are my inspiration.”

    Additionally, it was said that Shakira assembled a group of experts to snoop on her ex ahead of their breakup last year.

    She allegedly hired a private detective to follow Pique in order to verify her fears.

    According to Marca, the super detective noticed the Spaniard frequenting the bar where his now-girlfriend worked.

    It is believed that the singer was preparing for the bitter court battle over custody of their children and their £12 million property.

    Additionally, there have been rumors that Shakira initially smelled a rat after opening her fridge at their five-story Barcelona home.

    A jar of the singer’s strawberry jam is reported to have been stolen after she returned home from a period of travel.

    Gerard Pique Encounters A Terrifying Witch Doll At Shakira's Place

    According to rumors, Pique maintains a rigorous diet and neither her nor her kids would have eaten the jam.

    The vocalist of She Wolf is then alleged to have reasoned that someone else, specifically another woman, had been in her house and in her refrigerator.

    Additionally, she allegedly observed Clara skulking behind Pique while conducting a Zoom interview at their home in August 2021.

    Ten months passed before she and Pique made their breakup public.


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