Footballers Wags Who Protested By Blasting Popular Cities And Clubs Without Lovers’ Consent


    Footballers Wags who protested by blasting popular cities to pouncing on players repelling clubs have become a force of their own in recent years.

    Many people are eager to break out of the shadow of their other halves, whether that means dominating the front pages as celebrities in their own right or venturing out on their own with their businesses.

    These women may have gone a little too far when they disparaged the teams, towns, and even rival players of their lovers.

    In this article, Futball News will take a look at the selection of footballers Wags who have protested in favour our their lovers.

    Wanda Nara;

    Wanda Nara

    The ex-wife of PSG player Mauro Icardi is Argentine beauty Wanda, one of the sexiest Wags around.

    The blonde beauty was unimpressed when Romelu Lukaku was signed by Inter Milan to replace her ex-husband.

    The question of whether Lukaku was a better team player than Icardi was put to her on Italian television, to which she said, “It would be fantastic to see [Lukaku] in big games too.

    “He won’t watch the knockout rounds on TV because he hasn’t scored in the Champions League.”

    “The last No. 9 only scored roughly 150 goals for Inter,” she continued.

    Sara Gundogan;

    Sara Gundogan

    Sara Gundogan, the wife of Man City star Ilkay Gundogan, is not a fan of the cuisine in Manchester, despite the city having many restaurants listed in the Michelin guide.

    When asked which restaurant in the city she preferred, she responded, “Sorry, I’m sad, to be honest, but nothing. I looked everywhere for an excellent restaurant, but… awful food is everywhere.

    “Restaurants here are only concerned with earning money with drinks and shots like nightclubs, not excellent food. You can’t get a real Italian, nice sushi, or plain fresh food.. everything is frozen.

    “Perhaps in London, but nothing in Manchester. I apologize.”

    Georgina Rodriguez;

    Georgina Rodriguez

    Genuine celebrity Georgina is not one to hold back, and it was Fernando Santos, the former manager of Portugal national team, who faced her anger during the World Cup in Qatar.

    Santos, who serves as a father figure to Ronaldo, made the difficult choice to bench CR7 against Morocco during the World Cup.

    Portugal eventually fell short by a score of 1-0 and was eliminated before the quarterfinals.

    Georgina wrote on Instagram after the game: “Today your friend and coach made a poor choice. That friend has garnered so much praise and respect from you.

    “He noticed how everything had altered, but it was too late, just as when you entered the game.”

    Maja Nilsson;

    Maja Nilsson

    Maja Lindelof, a Swedish blogger with a sizable social media following, is Victor Lindelof’s wife.

    So, when she criticized Manchester United’s prices for their ‘disgusting’ boxes at Old Trafford, it wouldn’t have gone ignored.

    She added on her show Livet P Läktaren, “Here the players have the choice to rent a box and I’m not even going to tell you for how much but for a ridiculous amount of money.

    “And if you don’t buy one, people will think you’re a loser.

    “However, a box is great because it comes with a waiter.”

    Edurne Garcia;

    Edurne Garcia

    While Sara has a grudge against Manchester’s restaurant sector, pop diva Edurne had a grudge against Manchester as a whole.

    The location was described as “uglier than the back of a fridge” by David De Gea’s wife, Garcia.

    Garcia, a native of Madrid, also revealed to Spanish television that her boyfriend’s professional football career is the only reason she visits Manchester.

    The topic was opened by Pablo Motos, the host of the entertainment program El Hormiguero, who said: “I’ve heard Manchester is uglier than the back of a fridge.”

    Eliana Guercio;

    If their boxes are being slammed, this specific Wag is also upset with the way Manchester United handles transactions.

    On the day of the 2020 transfer deadline, Sergio Romero’s wife Eliana was furious that they had refused to allow her lover to join Everton.

    She claimed that Sergio Romero put a lot of effort into the club, and they lifted the last trophy they won with him. However, after helping the team get to “four finals or semi-finals, he was benched and the team lost all of them”.

    Then she begged them to let him go and insisted that they respect her husband.

    Jessica Contento;

    Jessica, the wife of German star Diego Contento, retaliated when ex-Arsenal footballer Lukas Podolski claimed Wags “got on his nerves.”

    She said to BILD, “Here the cliché is taken up again, which many player women, including myself, have been battling against for years. In general, I cannot comprehend his statement.

    “That is unacceptable; he combines everyone.

    “The truth is that you have no opportunity of being viewed differently with such a remark, for example as an entrepreneur, mother, or working woman who is independent of the man.

    “The unfavorable perception of the player’s wife, which many women suffer with, is reinforced when you make such a comment as someone with such a tremendous personality.

    “That also goes against the values a footballers upholds at a club.”


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