Why Valverde Celebrated His Club World Cup Final Goal By Thrusting His Thumb Into His Mouth


Federico Valverde took to a controversial goal celebration after he netted Real Madrid’s first goal in the FIFA Club World Cup final win over Al-Hilal.

Federico Valverde

The Uruguayan midfielder brought back the spark he lost at the beginning of the season, helping Real Madrid secured a fifth Club World Cup trophy after a deserved 5-3 win over Al-Hilal in Rabat, Morocco.

The first half ended 1-1, but Real Madrid came back smoking, scoring four more goals in the second half.

Former Fulham star Luciano Vietto made the scorline respectable by bagging a second half brace to bring the scoreline to 5-3.

Valverde, Vincius Jr, and Luciano Vietto of Al Hilal all bagged a brace in the game and were awarded the FIFA Golden Ball award after the game.

Federico Valverde

Interestingly, Federico Valverde chose to celebrate his first goal in the match by thrusting his finger (thumb) into his mouth, and the celebration was a subject of inquiry among some football fans.

Why did Federico Valverde did the thumb-in-the-mouth goal celebration?

After a fiery and sparkling start to the season for Real Madrid, Federico Valverde witnessed a sharp dip in his form.

He seemed to have lost the fiery goal-scoring run, and there were questions on what would have impacted the Uruguayan midfielder.

While the spanish media dragged the dude, marveling at his sudden dip in form, no one knew Valverde was going through a heavy emotional burden in his private life.

His partner Mina Bonino was informed he will have a miscarriage with her second pregnancy for Federico Valverde.

Federico Valverde
Mina Bonino

The news came as a shock to the two lovers, but according to Mina Bonino, she was prepared for it and she and Valverde knew about it already.

“It was what we believed would happen. It was incompatible with life. We prepare for a month for the worst. As the pregnancy was very advanced we had to confirm it with the test”, she said.

The confession by Mina Bonino shows the two partners were aware of the impending misfortune. It is believed this must have affected Valverde’s poor run of form before the FIFA Club World Cup.

However, in a shock contradictory report, Mino Bonino later revealed there was a good news that the pregnancy will not be miscarried and the baby inside the womb is fine.

“And after having cried for a whole month, having mourned, while we had our second son in my belly, yesterday the unexpected news came to us: the baby is fine. Everything is normal”, she announced.

Federico Valverde is said to have received the news of the reverse report on Mina Bonino’s pregnancy with joy.

After scoring his first goal in the Club World Cup final for Real Madrid, Valverde celebrated the news by sucking his thumb.


He had thought the pregnancy will be lost, but fortunately the news that his second son is safe and fine came in on Friday before the match and he celebrated it in style after opening the scoring for the LaLiga and European giants.

Valverde did not just bagged a brace for Madrid, he saved the career of Carlo Ancelotti and gave the Italian few more moments in charge of the club.

Carlo Ancelotti had reportedly bet he will retire if Federico Valverde did not score 10 goals this season.

Valverde was caught in a footage rushing to celebrate his second goal in the game (10th goal of the season) with a warm embrace with Ancelotti.

Real Madrid have now hit their 100th trophy after defeating Al-Hilal to win their 5th FIFA Club World Cup trophy.


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