Seattle Sounders raising the flag of the MLS at the Club World Cup in Morocco


Seattle Sounders are a soccer club in the MLS and they are doing what is unprecedented in Major League Soccer history. 

The US soccer club from Seattle would be competing at the Club World Cup for the first time as a result of winning the 2022 CONCACAF Champions League.

The competition for this year would be known with the year tagged “2022” although the tournament is going down in “2023”.

Seattle Sounders set to do the unprecedented

Seattle Sounders would be the first club from the MLS to play at the Club World Cup in a tournament that was moved further backwards. 

The first Canadian club or United States Of America club to battle in this competition are the new competitors in the Club World Cup, Seattle Sounders. 

Mexican football clubs have largely enjoyed the joy of participating in this tournament more frequently than their North American counterparts. 

But with the eventuality of the Club World Cup set to wholesomely change in the coming years as formats, increase in number of teams, and price money, many more are set to follow in the trajectory.

Seattle Sounders are flying the flag of Major League Soccer high and in all certainty, administrators of the MLS are hoping this would be the first of many to come.

Seattle Sounders attacker sandwiched between two defenders

Top stakeholders in the MLS hope that Seattle Sounders go to the Club World Cup to deliver a magnificent performance that would stick for a long time. 

In order to put American club football on the world map, the hierarchy of the MLS would be watching closely how Seattle Sounders fair and battle in this competition. 

It would also be an avenue for improvement and fine-tuning on how to better the MLS as the biggest of clubs from leagues across the world come together to battle for the world title. 

The strongest team coming to the competition are the European teams and for this current campaign, Real Madrid Football Club of Spain are the club representing Europe. 

The club coming from the Major League Soccer for the first time would be hoping to ruffle feathers and also set a glorious benchmark that will lead many to offer salutations. 

What are the methods and ways teams qualify for this showpiece? 

Winners who won the top prize in their continent championships are selected in addition to a club from the nation that is chosen to host the tournament.

Club World Cup trophy

In a competition that puts to the front burner the best of the best teams in the World, Seattle Sounders would be going all out to try their mettles to see where it leads them. 

The competition is scheduled to kick off proceedings from the first (1st) of February till the eleventh (11th) of February this year.


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