Major League Soccer, Top 10 Most Valuable Clubs

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Money they say is power, and in football money is also an additional seasoning for success in recent times just like in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Forbes, a financial observatory, has ranked ten (10) soccer teams in America that have got financial muscle in terms of their valuation. 

Without further ado, let’s quickly check out the teams that can indeed pride themselves as being the most valuable clubs in the MLS.

  1. Los Angeles FC

It’s no surprise that the two Los Angeles clubs who have smelt the aroma of success and tasted the delightful meal of it sit at the pinnacle of the list. 

Major League Soccer Cup defending champions, Los Angeles FC sit at the summit of the Most Valuable clubs in the United States Of America according to Forbes.

Los Angeles FC celebrating their MLS Cup triumph

The Black and Gold sit pretty on number one (1), being the most valuable club in Major League Soccer with a valuation of one billion dollars ($1bn).

That staggering amount of money has indeed brought success to the Los Angeles based side as they won the Major League Soccer Cup last season. 

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In recent times, they signed some A list names like, Gareth Bale who joined the side from Real Madrid and Giorgio Chiellini who also joined the club after his time with Italian giants, Juventus. 

The most important owners of the club are: Bennett Rosenthal, Brandon Beck, and Larry Berg.

2. Los Angeles Galaxy FC

Second on the list is Los Angeles Galaxy FC, who are the most successful team in Major League Soccer Cup history.

LA Galaxy players celebrating a goal

They have won the competition a whooping five times, although it has been a while since they last laid their hands on the trophy.

But greatness creates a path to more greatness and as such LA Galaxy FC are valued second at nine-hundred-and-twenty-five million dollars ($925m).

Their top owner is Philip Anschutz. 

3. Atlanta United

Third on the list is Atlanta United who have being wishy-washy in recent times but they have also got greatness of their own, as they have won the Campeones Cup.

Players of Atlanta United in Jubilant mood

In addition, they have won the MLS Cup, U.S Open Cup and the MLS eastern conference Championship.

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They are valued at eight-hundred-and-fifty million dollars ($850m) and they are also positioned quite nicely.

Atlanta United FC is owned by Arthur Blank. 

4. New York City FC

Fourth on the log are the pigeons, New York City FC whose valuation is eight-hundred million dollars ($800m), fifty million lesser than Atlanta United in Major League Soccer.


New York City FC team photo

The City football group are the individuals who own this club in Major League Soccer, they are also owners of Manchester City FC in England. 

5. D. C United

Fifth on this hot, fiery, money spinning list is D. C United who are estimated to be worth a hundred million less than New York City FC.

DC United manager, Wayne Mark Rooney

Their Black and Red valuation is seven-hundred million dollars which is another mind boggling cash.

Remember they have within their ranks as their gaffer in Major League Soccer, former Manchester United and England legend, Wayne Rooney. 

They are owned by Jason Levien and Steven Kaplan. 

Top 10 Most Valuable Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs

The complete ten most valuable MLS clubs and the monetary value of the teams are listed below.

1) Los Angeles Football Club: One-billion dollars ($1bn)

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2) LA Galaxy FC: Nine-hundred-and-twenty-five million dollars ($925m)

3) Atlanta United FC: Eight hundred-and-fifty million dollars ($850m)

4) New York City FC: Eight-hundred million dollars ($800m)

5) D.C. United: Seven-hundred million dollars ($700m)

6) Toronto FC: Six-hundred-and-ninety million dollars ($690m) and they are owned by MLSE (Larry Tanenbaum)

Players of Toronto FC Celebrating

7) Austin FC: Six-hundred-and-eighty million dollars ($680m) and they are owned by Anthony Precourt and Eddie Margain.

Austin FC players celebrating

8) Seattle Sounders FC: Six-hundred-and-sixty million dollars ($660m), Seattle Sounders is owned by Adrian Hanauer and Jody Allen.

Players of Seattle Sounders

9) Portland Timbers FC: Six-hundred-and-fifty dollars ($650m), they are owned by Merritt Paulson.

Portland Timbers FC players

10) The last team on the list is valued at an estimation of Six-hundred-and-twenty-five million dollars ($625m), this is a club that is owned by David Tepper and they are called Charlotte FC.

Fans of Charlotte FC

This list gives credence how fast the Major League Soccer (MLS) is burgeoning rapidly and growing massively into the hearts of many across the globe. 

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