Casemiro’s name wrongly spelt on his football jersey for years


    Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Carlos Henrique Casemiro has made a shocking revelation that his name is not spelt rightly on his football jerseys.

    The Manchester United warhorse said he has kept it that way for a long time in his footballing career due to his superstitious belief.

    Carlos Henrique Casemiro is indeed a mighty man in battle and he arguably can be said to be the best defensive midfielder in Europe.

    Carlos Henrique Casemiro

    After having spent so many years in the capital of Spain, Madrid, the Brazilian won a whole lot to his trophy cabinet in a club where he won five UEFA Champions League titles.

    But enthusiasts and fans of the beautiful game have been taking his name to heart and mind wrongly due to an error made in his first Profesional football club, Sao Paulo.

    The Brazilian Casemiro carefully expatiated it to the listening ears of many. During an interview on Football Focus, he said:

    “So the thing is, my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro, with an “I” there. 

    “I remember that I played a game for Sao Paulo and the club got my name wrong. They wrote it with an “E”. I played really well in that game and as I’m a superstitious person, I said to them: ‘Just leave it like that, as things are going well!’

    “So the name stuck, but my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro. It was a mistake made in one game, the name stuck and I said: ‘No need to change it, leave it as it is'”.

    Casemiro’s brilliance in the Premier League

    The highly experienced former Real Madrid midfielder has flourished and done remarkably well in England as he has put his foot down nicely.

    Casemiro at Real Madrid

    He quickly acclamatised beautifully well and Manchester United are enjoying the good dividend of the former Real Madrid midfielder.

    Only twice out of all the games Carlos Henrique Casemiro has started this season did Manchester United suffer defeat.

    Carlos Henrique Casimiro” now “Carlos Henrique Casemiro” looks to have added an additional bite to his game with Erik Ten Hag looking like he has fine-tuned Casemiro for more greatness while doing it with some much spark and electricity attacking-wise as well.

    The midfielder just of recent picked a Red Card in the game against Crystal Palace although sources and speculations are implying that Manchester United could appeal the decision.

    Casemiro has scored four goals in the Premier League so far this season including scoring two against Reading in the English FA Cup.

    The incredible midfielder who is decisive with his tackles and precise with his marking conquered the La Liga with arguably the biggest club in the league, Real Madrid.

    The passionate midfielder Casemiro is set to take it a notch higher and possibly in equal fashion, ready to go on an excellent reign with Manchester United.


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