Leaked Football White Paper Sets To Change The Beautiful Game

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A new order is set to be enacted into football which would bring unquantifiable change to the manner and setting of the current game.

The Sun is revealing that the new charter would bring in fresh regulations on aspiring owners of football clubs in addition to not giving any listening ear to those who cannot prove the legitimacy of their wealth.

This move looks to be with the view of taking the ownership of the game back to the fans with also the motive of bringing to foe an autonomous regulator of football.

Some Tit-bits of what is expected from the Football White Paper is below

All these information is certainly part of the Football White Paper, which is presumed would be published in the week ahead, this is falling in line with a government commissioned research into the round leather game.

The Conservative MP Tracey Crouch have shown the reason for an autonomous regulator in her review of the round leather game.

Conservative MP Tracey Crouch

This review was welcomed by the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. Meanwhile, the review that was supporter-led was squashed and put into doubt last year. 

But the previous PM Liz Truss according to reports, was not really interested in it before Rishi Sunak bought into the idea and plans when he got into office.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak

With respect to potential owners, the Government paper looks to insist that any individual who wants to own a football club would have to show where, how and the manner they got their wealth. 

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This shows that individuals that can’t prove their wealth and it’s legitimacy won’t be allowed to own clubs or in actuality if they were earned illegally they would be shunned. 

This move is coming as to make sure that football has only individuals that are with good reputation and rightly mannered.

What could have happened to Abrahamovic!

Chelsea’s former owner would have been struck decisively because he wouldn’t have been able to become owner of the football club in London, Chelsea due to the cloud of being an “Oligarch” hovering around his head.

Former Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovic

All the teams would need to have enough money and would have to follow laid down guideline and stipulations so as to ensure that they are comfortable and financially capable. 

Supporters of the club would also be more vocally involved with the clubs they support and they would try to minimally interfare with the owners of the club when they initiate changes. 

Things like the name of the club, colours of their jerseys or additionally the logo and emblem of the club. 

Most popular was the decision taken by the owner of Cardiff City, Vincent Tan in 2012 where he changed the colours of the club and the fans protested against the move. 

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The questionable move was changed back three (3) years after in 2015, the Football White Paper assures that a level of interference by fans would be put in place so as to ensure that their pulse is felt. 

What it means for the European Super League?

There is also this burning move that has come to the fore in recent time which is the European Super League. The Football White Paper intends to give strength that would put a stumbling block to teams wanting to join the European Super League. 

The regulators would be financed through clubs being told to pay fees yearly with much financial weight of payment put on the big clubs and little on small football clubs. 

That plan according to reports would then be able to share funds from the Premier League to the lower leagues. 

Football clubs in the top five tier leagues in England would be told to get a license and this would be done through several parameters and level of assessments.

Punishments would be meted out to clubs who fall short of the rules and trespasses it. The guidelines are stacked on making sure the clubs have financial muscle and is run by credible individuals. 

Fans must also have a considerable say and the football club must be playing in leagues and Cup competitions that are properly vetted. 

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The Culture Secretary, Michelle Donelan according to report for the autonomous regulators to be properly in line to go from the beginning of the 2024 to the 2025 league campaign with the proposals to get signed by the stakeholders very soon.

Michelle Donelan

There are thoughts and rightful expectations that the advent of regulators will drastically drop the possibility of football teams going agog. 

With a number above 60 doing so since the Premier League began operation in 1992, these stipulations in the reported football laws are likely to cause mixed reactions. 

It is predicted that many would kick against it and it wouldn’t be accommodated by football clubs who don’t like other agencies vetting their activities.

This issues are expected to take center stage and would become the centre of attention in the coming days, weeks and months. 

Although, the new footballing law is not said to fight against other burning issues like ticket prices that are on the rise. 

Even the drinking of alcoholic substances in stands across stadias while watching football games looks not to have garnered their attention. 

With time, we shall see the outcome of all these moves and the subsequent reality that would follow suit if it would be taken to heart or thrown out of the window. 

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