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Philippe Coutinho shows how he’s enjoying the stay at home challenge

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As the entire world continues to battle the ugly pandemic rampaging the world, it has brought everything to a standstill, schools have been placed under lock, clubs have been shut down, religious centers have been locked and most importantly, football activities have been suspended. Reasonably, players across Europe have started Stay at Home Challenge to sensitize their fans online to stay at home and stay safe.

Often times, what most of the top players do is to show a picture or video of themselves at home probably playing football or having a nice moment with their families. Kids whose father are footballers playing in Europe will make the best use of time like this to enjoy a perfect time with their father who is always away doing football activities most weekends. Many football players have shown their fans online how they are observing their Stay at Home Challenge. They do this in order to encourage their fans to stay home where ever they are to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Barcelona player who is on a loan spell to Bayern Munich, Phillipe Coutinho has shown the world how he’s observing his Stay at Home Challenge. The Brazilian winger took to his social media to share videos and pictures of him having a swell moment with his wife Aine de Souza, his beautiful daughter named Maria Coutinho and his son, Phillipe Coutinho Jr.

Countinho’s Relationship and Family Life

Phillipe Coutinho is regarded as one of the most decent players to spring forth from Brazil, his descent character is not only expressed on the field of play alone but also in his relationship life. The 28-year-old got married to the love of his life Aine de Souza and since he has been faithful to his marriage vows. Their union has been blessed with a beautiful baby daughter named Maria Coutinho. She was born on the 22nd of December 2015. Also, the Brazilian is a proud father of a male child named after him, Phillipe Coutinho Jr.

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