[Video] Paul Pogba and His Partner Maria Zulay’s Stay Home Challenge Gone Wrong

    images 2020 03 28T072357.684
    images 2020 03 28T072357.684

    Manchester United Midfielder Paul Pogba decided to bring the Old Trafford to his home and add a little flavour to the stay at home challenge football stars have been doing to the delight of their fans in the social media.

    All other football superstars who have been using toilet tissue for the stay at home challenge to encourage people to stay in their houses in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic did that without involving their families.

    But in the case of Paul Pogba, the 27-year-old French International decided to involve his lover Maria Zulay and their son Labile Shakur into the challenge but the filmed scenario didn’t go as planned.

    In the video retrieved by Futballnews.com, Pogba could be seen with a roll of toilet tissue in his hand close to where a camera was kept. After adjusting the camera, he moved to where his lover was standing trying to get set to juggle the toilet tissue.

    The football star threw the toilet tissue to her to juggle, she took the first tap of it, then the second, and then the toilet tissue flew and landed on the face of their one-year-old son standing in the rear of

    Zulay quickly grabbed the boy and tried to ensure that the boy was okay while Paul Pogba who was obviously not pleased with the outcome of the challenge, exclaimed “no more” as he reached out to the camera and dismantle it.

    Watch how Paul Pogba and his lover’s Stay at Home Challenge turned sour:

    Pogba’s home run

    Paul Pogba and his growing family
    Paul Pogba and his growing family

    The World Cup-winning football star has been linked with Maria Zulay, a Bolivia model, since 2017. However, the relationship experienced a little shakeup but came back stronger in 2018.

    There were reports in 2018 that Paul Pogba took Maria Zulay to visit his mom and the model was pictured with an engagement ring. The lady gave birth to their only child in January 2019 and the footballer tried to keep the child off from social media; an attempt that didn’t work out well.

    For the fact that he celebrated the boy’s one year birthday and flaunt the pictures on the social media; and for the fact that he allowed the video of the family’s stay at home challenge to get on social media, Pogba can no longer hide the boy from the world of internet.


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