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Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho helps deliver relief material to old people in Enfield amidst coronavirus fear in UK

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Despite the suspension placed on football season in England, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho would not take a break. The 57-year-old manager was seen giving hands of help to the elderly people Enfield community to ensure the aged people have all they need during the stay at home challenge caused by the deadly pandemic.

The world is going through its ugliest moment in history, the last time the world experienced something like this was back in 1918 during the Spanish flu that swept across Europe and America. There have been some comparisons made between the Spanish flu of 1918 and the COVID-19, however, though the fear and spread of the two pandemics might be the same their treatment clearly differs.

Football activities witnessed its first disruption in distant memory, footballers, managers and members of the staff team of every club have been asked to stay at home until the virus is fully controlled. While many other sportsmen are home enjoying the warm reception of their family, Tottenham Hotspur’s boss, Jose Mourinho has decided to spend his own time helping others, basically the old people in the community where he resides. Jose Mourinho volunteered to be part of the Age UK and Love Your Door Step in Enfield who deliver relief materials to the aged people in the community to ensure they have everything they need during this era that movements are restricted.

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In one of the videos posted online by Love Your Doorstep in Enfield, Mourinho was heard saying: “I am here to help Age UK Enfield, Love Your DoorStep Enfield and of course you can donate food, money or be a volunteer,”

The Age UK Enfield, Love Your Doorstep Enfield provides necessary pieces of information and materials to about 1000 old people in the community to alleviate their problems during this turbulent time around the world.

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