Mason Greenwood Has “Four Options” If He Chooses To Exit Manchester United

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Mason Greenwood, a striker for Manchester United, has four choices available to him if he decides to leave the team after being accused of rape.

Mason Greenwood Has "Four Options" If He Chooses To Exit Manchester United

The Red Devils have temporarily suspended Greenwood, 21, as they conduct an internal investigation.

On 2nd February, the Crown Prosecution Service dismissed all of the accusations against him, including attempted rape, using coercive or controlling behavior, and assault causing actual bodily damage.

It confirmed that the charges were dropped as a result of “the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light”.

The United forward responded to the selection by saying:  “I am relieved this matter is now over. I would like to thank my family, loved ones and friends for their support.”

After being suspended by the club ever since the charges first surfaced, focus has now shifted to what the star’s potential future may hold.

In a statement, Manchester United stated: “Manchester United notes the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped.”

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“The club will now conduct its own process before determining next steps. We will not make any further comment until that process is complete.”

Greenwood won’t be permitted to return to their Carrington training facility or take part in any forthcoming games until the side has finished its inquiry.

It is unclear how long the investigation will last or what kind of conclusion it might reach.

Erik ten Hag, the team’s manager, refrained from making any additional comments during Friday’s press conference, saying merely, “I can’t add nothing, I refer to the statement of the club.”

Greenwood’s current contract runs until the summer of 2025 and he last appeared for the club in January 2022.

However, there is a rumour that he will try to quit Old Trafford and start again in a foreign country.

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Mason Greenwood Has "Four Options" If He Chooses To Exit Manchester United

FOUR OPTIONS: If he decides to transfer, he is believed to have four options: joining a club in continental Europe, playing for a team in the MLS, moving to the Middle East, or perhaps playing for a team in the Chinese Super League.

His present weekly pay of £75,000 would have to be significantly reduced if he chose a Chinese club because wages in China are regulated at £50,000 per week.

However, because of Greenwood’s current circumstance, it’s believed that MLS clubs may be reluctant to give up such a significant portion of their salary budget in order to sign him.

Should Greenwood decide to transfer to a team on the continent of Europe, where wages in the top divisions are now lower than those in the Premier League, that level of pay indication is also likely.

The information was released following the revelation that Man Utd’s female players do not want Greenwood to rejoin the team.

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Similarly, enraged female United supporters have clamored for his removal from his contract.

What Really Happened To Mason Greenwood?

When pictures and videos were shared on social media in late January 2022, he was taken into custody and questioned on suspicion of attempted rape, using coercive or controlling behavior, and threatening to cause harm.

Greenwood, who has a contract with United through 2025, was later barred from participating in games or practices by the Premier League team.

On January 22, 2022, he made his last of 129 appearances for the team in a 1-0 victory over West Ham.

The bail for Greenwood, which was originally scheduled to expire in April, was extended until the middle of June 2022.

Later, he was charged, and a preliminary trial date of November 2023 was set.

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the Crown Prosecution Service, however, dropped the allegations against him.

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