Manchester United may find another Cristiano Ronaldo soon … Jadon Sancho

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    images 2020 04 22T082630.677

    With the name (Ronaldo) gracefully splashed on his Manchester United number 7 jersey, Cristiano Ronaldo steps into every game like a dreadful gladiator sending a wave of shock down the spine of his opponent. The defenders of the opponent team are not always as scared as their goal stoppers who is always at the center of being ridiculed for allowing an embarrassing goal to hit the net.

    The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool can not forget the damage this magnificent player did to them when he was still at Old Trafford.

    Little wonder, the celebration on the faces of top rival clubs in Premier League was as much as they won the Champions League when Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving Old Trafford in 2009 for Real Madrid. Meanwhile, many supporters of Manchester United mourned his exit from the club like he had left the earth. All these were done because everyone knew it will be very difficult to get another player in the Red Devils team that would be like Ronaldo.

    Of a truth, even after 10 years of exit from Manchester United, the team has not been able to find a player adorn enough to fill the vacuum the Portuguese star player left behind. The club made major signings like Angel D Maria, Memphis Depay, Alexis Sanchez as a potential replacement for the now five times Balon d’Or winner. However, they all are a major disappointment in the club. Memphis Depay was even given the sacred number 7 jersey in Manchester United, despite all, he could not do a bit of what is predecessor did in the club.

    A beckon of hope for Manchester after 10 years

    And after 10 years of tireless search for another player to take the position of Cristiano Ronaldo in Old Trafford, reports came that Manchester United are in talks with Dortmund over a deal to land Jadon Sancho in Old Trafford.

    We know it is funnily surprising that Jadon Sancho is the player that we pose to be a perfect replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United. The 20-year-old English attacker has a promising record than Cristiano Ronaldo when he was just 20 years.

    Jadon Sancho has played over 90 games, scored 31 goal and 44 assists for his German club side Borussia Dortmund. Judging by this record, this literally means that of all 90 games that Sancho has featured for Dortmund, he made an indelible impact in over 75 games. What is worthy to note is that even Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have that record at age 20.

    Moreso, the presence of Sancho on the field of play can paralyze a defender even before he gets the ball. Without much Ado, it is more than glaring that Jadon Sancho has the tincture of Ronaldo in him and there is no doubt that he would take the world by storm soon.

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