Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes gushes over Paul Pogba says he can do everything

images 2020 04 21T162738.751
images 2020 04 21T162738.751

While many football critics from Manchester United have backlashed Paul Pogba for been a self-aggrandizing who has no quality of being a responsible sportsman, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes has a different opinion about the French star man.

Paul Scholes’s positive opinion about Paul Pogba is not because they are namesake, the retired England player has just given his gospel opinion about the French man.

According to Paul Scholes, he believed Paul Pogba can do everything as a midfielder because he’s a great talent in the midfield. Of a truth, Scholes did not talk about Pogba’s conduct as a sportsman especially the recent outrage he caused online when he shared a video where he was seen training on Juventus jersey. This has caused Manchester United critics to call out the club to put the French man on a transfer list during the next transfer window.

However, Scholes still believes in the ability of the French man, especially in the midfield. The former English man likens Pogba to be like Liverpool’s legendary midfielder, Steven Gerrard.

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba’s future in Old Trafford has continued to generate controversy with the Red Devils in talks with Aston Villa to get a deal that will land Jack Grealish in Old Trafford as a potential replacement for Paul Pogba.

Although the 2019/2020 football season is presently on hold due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19, however, talks have not ended about the future of Pogba in Old Trafford.

While all the talks are on, Bruno Fernandes has expressed his eagerness to play with Paul Pogba in Old Trafford. Fernandes joined Manchester United on Jan 29 with a deal worth about €55.00m.

Fernandes’s emergence in Old Trafford braced up the team, especially in the midfield. Amazingly, since he came into the team, Manchester United has not lost any game before the outbreak of coronavirus in the world.


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