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Jose Mourinho accepts that he has Broken Lockdown Guidelines in the UK

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The head coach of Tottenham Hotspurs Jose Mourinho has accepted that it was wrong of him to have done a personal training session with the club’s record signing Tanguy Ndombele at a public park amid coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom.

The UK especially London is one of the worst-hit places in the world as far as the coronavirus pandemic is concerned. At least 55,242 people have been infected in the UK alone and at least 6,159 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic.

The British government had to impose lockdown in the Queen’s country to halt the spread of the virus which has put the Premier League on hold since March.

Jose Mourinho pictured with Tanguy Ndombele and others.
Jose Mourinho pictured with Tanguy Ndombele and others.

So, when the pictures of the training session Jose Mourinho and other Tottenham players held at a public park emerged on the internet, it shone a bad light on the London club. The club had to release a press statement to douse the tension.

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Mayor of London Not Happy With Jose Mourinho and Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspurs players Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon pictured jogging closely together.
Tottenham Hotspurs players Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon pictured jogging closely together.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is not also happy about the development as he told the BBC that Tottenham ought to lead by example.

“My concern is, people particularly children who might support Spurs or follow football, may see these images, pick up a paper, watch the internet and think, well if it’s OK for them, why isn’t it OK for me?”

“I don’t think it is necessary to be training in close proximity with another player who may be carrying the virus. And what you’re doing is inadvertently, unintentionally, potentially spreading the virus – you shouldn’t be doing that.”

To also see how he could douse the tension he has created, Jose Mourinho who joined Tottenham in November 2019, issued a statement to acknowledge his wrong.

He wrote: “I accept that my actions were not in line with government protocol and we must only have contact with members of our own household,” said Mourinho.

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“It is vital we all play our part and follow government advice in order to support our heroes in the NHS and save lives.”

It is left to see whether the Tottenham Hotspur, the Premier League or the government will sanction him and other players for breaching the lockdown guidelines.

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