Diego Maradona Children: how many children did Maradona have before he died and what you should know about them


Until his death on 25 November 2020, Diego Maradona is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Aside from football accolades, Diego Maradona Children are among the legacies the Argentine football icon left behind when he died a few weeks after his 60th birthday.

From all indications, Diego Maradona was not just good on the pitch, he lived a very flamboyant life off the pitch. He was a well-traveled person who was worshiped in most footballing nations across the world especially in his native country, Argentina.

Hence, having spouses and impregnating them was not a big task for the Argentine football icon. No wonder reports about people claiming to be his children were everywhere when he died in November 2020.

Due to the speculations that Maradona had Children in some of the secret affairs he had across the world, it was difficult to say the exact number of children the late footballer had before he died. There were reports in some quarters that Maradona had five children, some claimed he had eight, while some went as far as saying the late footballer had 10 children.

What is the exact number of Diego Maradona Children?

Diego Maradona Children: how many children did Maradona have before he died and what you should know about them

Diego Maradona was known for so many great things and sometimes very controversial aspects of life. Most people especially in Argentina worshiped him for what he helped the country to achieve in football.

One of the achievements Maradona brought to Argentina football was helping the country to win the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Aside from his country, football clubs like Boca Juniors, FC Barcelona, and Napoli would never forget the impact of the late icon at their clubs.

As Maradona contributed massively to football in Argentina, FC Barcelona, and Napoli, he also did his quarter in terms of contributing to the world population.

No wonder when he died, the question of how many children did Maradona have and who the children are became a topic that interested a host of people. Countless people across the world followed the drama surrounding who was entitled to share in the wealth he left behind and who were not.

That became a problem because no one knew the exact number of Diego Maradona Children before the Argentine football icon died.

Initially, the report was that Gianinna Dinorah and Dalma Nerea, the children of Claudia Villafane, were the only official Diego Maradona Children. The late footballer reportedly confirmed that the two children from his ex-wife Villafane were his only biological children.

Diego Maradona Children: how many children did Maradona have before he died and what you should know about them
File photo of late Diego Maradona and his two daughters Gianinna Dinorah and Dalma Nerea.

Recall that Maradona married Villafane, his long-term fiancée on November 7, 1989, in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The marriage crashed in 2004 but they remained friends until the retired footballer died in November 2020.

Villafane gave birth to Dalma on April 2, 1987, and gave birth to Gianinna on May 16, 1989, before she divorced Maradona 16 years before his death.

Meanwhile, years before Maradona died, it was confirmed that his first child was Diego Sinagra who was born on September 20, 1986, in Naples, Italy, less than a year before the birth of Dalma.

Recall that it took Maradona until mid-2010 to officially admit that Sinagra was his biological son. Before he admitted that, a court in Italy had first ruled that Sinagra was his son in 1993 even though the late footballer refused to undergo a DNA test to confirm it.

Diego Maradona Children: how many children did Maradona have before he died and what you should know about them
File photo of Diego Sinagra and Diego Maradona.

When the late footballer admitted that Sinagra was his biological son, the Italian-born man decided to change his name from Diego Sinagra to Diego Maradona Junior.

After accepting that Sinagra was his biological child, he admitted that he was the father of a woman named Jana, a product of a short affair he had with one Valeria Sabalain.

Just like in the case of Sinagra, it took a lengthy court intervention before Diego Maradona accepted that Valeria was his biological daughter.

In 2013, the number of Diego Maradona children increased from four to five when the late footballer’s ex-girlfriend Veronica Ojeda gave birth to a son named Diego Fernando.

In 2019, a year before the footballer died, Maradona confirmed that he had three more children. The three children – Joana, Lu, and Javielito were born in Cuba. The late footballer reportedly had the children when he traveled to Cuba for addiction treatment between 2000 and 2005.

Hence, officially, Diego Maradona’s children are eight in total but two other people are trying to join the family.

The two people recognized as Santiago Lara and Magali Gil have been doing everything legally possible to prove that they are the children of Diego Maradona. But at the time of publishing this report, they have not been able to establish that they are the offspring of the late footballer.

The most famous among Diego Maradona’s children

The most famous among Diego Maradona's children
Gianinna Dinorah.

Gianinna Dinorah grew up to become the most famous of Maradona’s children thanks to her marriage to former Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, and FC Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero.

Just like the case of her mother and father, her marriage to Aguero, a retired Argentina international, did not last for too long before it crashed.

Recall that Aguero married Giannina in 2008 when he was playing for Atletico Madrid between 2006 and 2011. The marriage produced a son named Benjamin in 2009. Unfortunately, the marriage crashed in 2012.

Gianinna Dinorah and his son Benjamin Aguero.
Gianinna Dinorah and his son Benjamin Aguero.

Aside from being known as the ex-wife of Aguero and daughter of Maradona, the 32-year-old Argentine lady is said to be a fashion designer, social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Gianinna Dinorah and his purported boyfriend, Dani Stone.
Gianinna Dinorah and his purported boyfriend, Dani Stone.

She currently has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and she is reportedly dating a musician known as Dani Stone.


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