Diego Maradona’s heart exploded before he died according to his former lawyer

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Diego Maradona’s heart exploded before he died according to his former lawyer, Matias Morla who testified in an ongoing investigation into the death of the Argentine football icon.

Recall that Diego Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020. After his death, it was confirmed that the football star died of a heart attack.

His death came weeks after undergoing an operation to remove a blood clot from his head, a few weeks after turning 60-year-old.

Aside from the blood clot problem, the 1986 FIFA World Cup winner had suffered kidney and liver problems, heart failure, neurological deterioration among other health challenges before he died.

However, when he died, it was suspected that Diego Maradona’s heart did not stop working naturally. It was suspected that the football icon died due to a medical error.

On Monday, October 25, 2021, Matias Morla told the press that Diego Maradona’s heart exploded because the treatment that was given to the football icon was not good enough.

Diego Maradona's heart exploded before he died according to his former lawyer
File photo of late Diego Maradona and his former lawyer Matias Morla.

The lawyer criticized the children of the late footballer for deciding to discharge him from the hospital when he had not fully recovered from the surgery he underwent.

The lawyer who spent more than three hours testifying to the panel investigating the death of the ex-footballer told the press on Monday that Maradona’s children abandoned the ex-footballer.

The lawyer said: “There were many mistakes made because Diego died, they inflated and inflated the poor guy until his heart exploded.”

The lawyer claimed that the last time he visited Maradona on November 16, 2020, “he [Maradona] had a strange voice, robotic, very high-pitched and intermittent.

“I informed everyone of Diego’s condition,” he added. “I then realized it was because of the amount of water retained in his body…

“[He] had no reason to go to a house when the doctors said he had to stay in a clinic.”

While alleging that the late footballer was “abandoned by his daughters [Dalma and Gianinna]”, the lawyer added that “one thing is a moral responsibility and another is a legal responsibility.”

At the time of publishing this report, the investigation into the death of the football icon is still ongoing. Public prosecutors in Argentina who are spearheading the investigation could take anyone found culpable to trial when the investigation is over.

The most prominent figure that has been indicted so far is Maradona’s former doctor, Leopoldo Luque. Even though the doctor has insisted that he did not do anything wrong, he is seen as a prime suspect since he was the head of the medical team that attended to Maradona’s health before his death.

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