Diego Maradona did not have Alcohol and narcotic drugs in his body, according to the latest autopsy report


Diego Maradona might have died almost a month ago aged 60, but the aftermath of his death is likely to last for a very long time. Recall that the football icon died on November 25, 2020, two weeks after he successfully underwent brain surgery.

After his death, an autopsy had to be carried out on his remains and it was discovered that he died in his sleep of acute pulmonary edema, a build-up of fluid in the lungs, because of congestive heart failure.

That report seemed not to be enough as it has been suspected that the death of the 1986 World Cup winner was not natural. To establish whether Diego Maradona died due to medical negligence or any other form of human involvement, another set of analyses was carried out on some samples retrieved from his body.

The analysis of the sample concentrated on finding out whether Diego Maradona was poisoned while at his home where he was kept after he was discharged from the hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he underwent brain surgery.

However, the toxicological report could not confirm the speculation that the Argentine football icon was killed by poisoning. Instead, the report helped to confirm that Maradona was not involved in the intake of alcohol or narcotic drugs before his death.

Recall that Diego Maradona was being treated for alcohol dependency before his death and it seemed he was responding to the treatment very well before his sudden death.

Besides the fact that the toxicological report did not find alcohol nor narcotic drugs in Maradona’s system, it was confirmed the football icon had a damaged kidney, liver, and lungs. It was also revealed that his damaged heart was heavier than the normal weight of a human heart.

The fact that there was no alcohol nor drugs in Maradona’s system before he died was good news to his family who has been trying to prove that Maradona was a changed person before he died.

Latest Autopsy Report: Diego Maradona did not die of Alcohol and Drugs
Late Diego Maradona and one of his daughters Gianinna Maradona.

One of the daughters of the football icon, Gianinna Maradona who reacted to the latest autopsy report of her father, has been stressing that his father was not himself weeks before he gave up the ghost.

She claimed that Maradona was developing a robotic kind of voice and a swollen body before his death which suggested that she believes that her father was murdered as the investigation into the death of Maradona continues in Argentina.

“All the motherfuckers waiting for my dad’s autopsy to have drugs, marijuana, and alcohol. I’m not a doctor and he looked very swollen. The robotic voice. It wasn’t his voice. It was happening and I was the INSANE CRAZY”, she wrote in Spanish on Twitter on Monday, December 22.


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