Ashley Young Stuns Football Fans as he Resumes from Coronavirus Break with Hair All Over His Head [Photo]

    images 2020 05 19T093557.988
    images 2020 05 19T093557.988

    Former captain of Manchester United, Ashley Young, has been the topic on the lips of football fans since a picture surfaced on the internet showing a totally different kind of Young. He was pictured when he returned to training for the first time in two months, with his head filled with hair, an appearance that is very strange to those who have been following his football career.

    Recall that the former Manchester United Captain and England international joined Italian Serie A giants Inter Milan in the summer of 2019. Since then, he has adapted to life away from England where he played the better part of his football career.

    Just like most footballers in other major clubs in Europe, Ashley Young literary went on a ghost mode when the 2019-2020 season was halted in March. He was relatively not as active as some footballers on social media.

    So, when the picture of him wearing a strange look due to his unshaved hair emerged, the 34-year-old defender became a piece of amazement all over the internet, especially on Twitter. Football fans on Twitter began to retweet the picture, commenting that it is almost impossible to tell that the person in the picture is Ashley Young.

    This is so because from 2004 when he hit the limelight while he was playing with Premier League side Watford, to 2007 when he moved to Aston Villa and then to Manchester United in June 2011, he is known to always wear a bald hair cut. Apparently, no one expected him to return to the limelight with bushy hair.

    Though he looks younger and different now that he has grown his hair, it is not clear whether it was a look the former Manchester United star intends to keep in the long run.

    The possibility of being an accidental new style is very high because Italy has been in total lockdown for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe, he turned out with such a look because he wasn’t able to access his barber during the lockdown.

    Now that the government in Italy is gradually easing the lockdown and allowing some businesses including barbershops to reopen, football fans will be on the lookout to see whether the new look is a result of necessity or a choice.

    Meet the new Ashley Young and the old Young

    Meet the new Ashley Young and the old Young
    Ashley Young before the coronavirus pandemic and after the coronavirus pandemic


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