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Dele Alli confirms that He was Robbed at Knifepoint amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has confirmed that he was robbed at knifepoint in his North London home on Wednesday morning amid coronavirus lockdown. He took to Twitter hours after the incident to confirm that he and other occupants of his house were fine.

It was reported that some group of thieves stormed the residence of the 24-year-old England international and stoled a couple of valuables including jewellery. Before the bandits left the house, they reportedly attacked two of the occupants in the house and injured the face of one of them.

Dele Alli stays in the house with 5 people including his younger brother and their girlfriends. He has been isolating with them for a while before the attack happened. Some local media in London earlier reported that the Tottenham Hotspur star was among the two people that were attacked by the bandits during the invasion.

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“Thank you for all the messages,” Alli wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening. “Horrible experience but we’re all okay now. Appreciate the support.”

The police in London have also confirmed that the house of the football star was burgled but said no arrests have been made in connection with the robbery.

“Two males gained entry to the property and stole items of jewellery, including watches, before fleeing,” a police statement said.

“Two male occupants at the property suffered minor facial injuries after being assaulted. They did not require hospital treatment.”

When the news went viral that Dele Alli was robbed, Tottenham Hotspur issued a statement to reaffirmed the support of the club to Dele and other victims of the attack.

“We have been offering our support to Dele and those isolated with him. We encourage anyone with any information to help the police with their investigation to come forward”, a spokesperson of the club said.

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This is the second time the home of Tottenham Hotspur‘s player has been invaded by bandits. Two months ago, before the coronavirus pandemic halted football, the home of Tottenham star Jan Vertonghen was burgled by unknown thieves. The thieves invaded the house when Vertonghen was away from Germany for Tottenham Hotspurs‘ Champions League match against RB Leipzig in March.

Just like in the case of Dele Alli, the police are yet to make an arrest but the investigation has since been launched to find out who was behind the attack.

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