COVID-19: Dele Alli Shares His Lockdown Experience, Said “it has been difficult”

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    images 2020 04 21T124053.762

    The coronavirus pandemic has levelled everyone and has succeeded in restructuring the way the world was working before the pandemic started. Nothing has been the same since February in almost every part of the world, and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has not been having it funny just like almost everyone else.

    Recall that a few days ago, Dele Alli was forced to celebrate his 24th birthday indoors due to the lockdown order in the United Kingdom.

    Since March 9, he has not been able to do what he has been doing since he was 11-year-old, which is to play football, all thanks to the dreaded virus.

    The only chance Dele has, just like other professional footballers across Europe, is to use the space in his residence to train and keep fit while hoping for things to return to normalcy.

    In a chat with Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp, the Tottenham star said the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown have “been difficult”.

    The England international noted that the period of the lockdown marks the longest time he has been away from a training ground. He also noted that the break couldn’t be said to be a good break because it was unexpected.

    Dele Alli is Missing Football

    Dele Alli
    Dele Alli

    On playing football, the 24-year-old Tottenham midfielder lamented that he is missing football and he has been trying to find a way to keep himself entertained and fit.

    “No one has been in this situation before, it’s tough for everyone to deal with, everyone is in the same boat”, he said. “I think it is great that people are using social media and different platforms to find ways to try and help any way they can.

    “Whether it be entertaining people or helping people try and staff healthy with different workout routines, in this situation it’s important to keep your health up and keep on a good track.

    “As a more experienced player, I’ve been speaking to the younger lads and just making sure they are alright. Even for myself, speaking to other people and trying to make sure I’m not in my little bubble here and that I reach out and communicate with other people.”

    Dele Alli joined Tottenham Hotspur from Milton Keynes in February 2015 for an initial fee of £5 million. Since then, he has played over 153 times for the club, scoring over 50 goals.

    In each of his first two campaigns at Tottenham, Alli was voted the PFA Young Player of the Year and made the PFA Team of the Year.


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