2020 summer transfer window: Premier League clubs Spent £1.24 billion, this is how

    Premier league clubs
    Premier league clubs

    The 2020 summer transfer window might be closed but there are still a couple of things to trash out as far as the summer transfer window is concerned. One of such things is the amount the clubs in the Premier League spent to acquire players during the window.

    Before the summer transfer window closed on October 5, all the Premier League clubs involved in the transfer market had spent a total of £1.24 billion on new signings. Among the 20 clubs in the league, Chelsea football club spent the highest amount of money in the market, followed by Manchester City.

    Though clubs like newly-promoted Premier League side Fulham did more of signing players on loan, a club like Burnley brought in two players for an undisclosed fee making them the most inactive club in the just concluded transfer market.

    This is how Premier League clubs spent £1.24 billion this summer

    This is how Premier League clubs spent £1.24 billion this summer

    In the 2020 summer transfer window, Premier League clubs made 107 permanent signings which amounted to £1.24 billion in total. Chelsea alone spent £226.1 million before the end of the transfer window.

    The London club spent such an amount when they signed Kai Havertz from Bayer Leverkusen for £75.8 million, they paid
    £50 million to bring Ben Chilwell from Leicester City, £45 million for Timo Werner from RB Leipzig, Hakim Ziyech for £36m from Ajax, and £22 million for Edouard Mendy from Rennes.

    Manchester City spent a total of £147 million throughout the transfer market. They spent such an amount when they signed players like Ruben Dias (£65m), Nathan Ake (£41m), and Ferran Torres (£37m).

    Other Premier League expenses in the 2020 transfer window:

    1. Aston Villa spent £85.0 million in the 2020 summer transfer window.
    2. Leeds Uniter spent £84.5 million.
    3. Wolves spent £83.6 million.
    4. Liverpool spent £81.7 million.
    5. Arsenal spent £81.5 million.
    6. Everton spent £65.0 million.
    7. Tottenham spent £62.0 million.
    8. Manchester Utd spent £54.4m.
    9. Sheffield Utd spent £53.0 million.
    10. Leicester spent £51.5 million.
    11. Newcastle spent £35.0 million.
    12. Southampton spent £34.9 million.
    13. West Brom spent £27.3 million.
    14. Fulham spent £23.0 million.
    15. West Ham spent £20.0 million.
    16. Crystal Palace spent £16.0 million.
    17. Brighton spent £13.4 million.
    18. Burnley nothing.

    Besides the fact that clubs were busy buying players, some clubs were able to make some money by selling players. Though Chelsea spent so much getting new recruits, they could not make much from sales.

    However, Wolves that spent £83.6 million on signing new players were able to make £76 million from selling some of their players making them the club in the league that made more money from players sales this summer.

    Wolves were closely followed by Manchester City that made £70.5 million from selling some of their players this summer. Even though it was not up to the amount they spent on signing new players, it is better than Chelsea that made just £13.5 million in sales after spending £226.1 on recruitment.

    Below are the amount other clubs made from players sales:

    1. Leicester – £51.7m
    2. Liverpool – £33.5m
    3. West Ham – £29.0m
    4. Southampton – £21.0m
    5. Manchester Utd – £18.0m
    6. Arsenal – £17.0m
    7. Chelsea – £13.5m
    8. Tottenham – £12.0m
    9. Brighton – £10.0m
    10. Crystal Palace – £10.0m
    11. Everton – £2.0m
    12. West Brom – £1.0m
    13. Aston Villa – £0.0
    14. Burnley – £0.0
    15. Fulham – £0.0
    16. Leeds – £0.0
    17. Newcastle – £0.0
    18. Sheffield Utd – £0.0


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