Arsenal fans are hating on Ozil again after he offered to pay Gunnersaurus to stay at Arsenal. Is this a bad culture among the Gooners?

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Some Arsenal fans are showing frustration when they should be thankful for the good gesture from Ozil. The alienated Arsenal player offered to pay Arsenal Mascot’s salary so that the Gunnersaurus can stay at Arsenal, and some fans are unhappy about it.

Some are making hateful comments like “Just f*** of our club” we don’t want you, you are not good enough. This is because Ozil is collecting 18.2 million GBP per year in wages. This means that Ozil is the club’s highest-paid player at £350,000-a-week.

Futballnews gathered that the club owner and manager are tagging together to be against Mesut Ozil, to punish him for earning so much. As a result, the fans are also tagging along and insulting their formerly loved football star. This is our assumption based on how the star player is being bullied with lack-of-playtime.

Today, Ozil offered to take a pay cut to help a fellow staff, the forgotten staff of the team, those who seem to be unimportant to the fans. Sometimes, it’s not always about the players alone. Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus has been with the club for 27 years and Ozil offered to help.

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Arsenal’s front office fired the Gunnersaurus, Ozil picked up the tab, and yet the fans are not happy.

And some,

While some are bashing Mesut Ozil, some Arsenal fans are praising him. But in all, this has divided Arsenal fans some more.

Why is Mesut Ozil not playing for Arsenal?

The only sensible answer to the reason why Mesut Ozil is not playing is that the club owner Stan Kroenke wished he didn’t give Ozil £350,000-a-week wages. Now he wants Ozil to take a pay cut. However, it’s a contract and by law, Arsenal and Stan Kroenke are obligated to pay him.

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We believe that Arsenal wants to punish him purposely by refusing to play him. To examine the fact, we can say that Mesut Ozil is better than Joe Willock, Reiss Nelson. Arteta is playing these guys but continues to leave Ozil on the bench. This could only be an order from the top. Maybe from the owner.

Also, Arteta has been criticizing Ozil’s work ethics publicly for a long time, and today, the fans followed suit to criticize Ozil again. Even when he is doing something good for someone that is losing his income.

Ozil is the current scape goat, and maybe a little of this is the fault of Arsenal fan tv. A group that gained their popularity from critizing players day in day out.

Alex Iwobi was the scapegoat until he left for Everton, then they turned on Ozil. If Ozil leaves today, we are sure that they will pick on another player. Should Arsenal fans change their ways? please share your thoughts below.

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