Kaylee Ramman, Nathan Ake’s girlfriend

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Beautiful Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake have a true love story that many people would love to have. They have been through a lot together and they have managed to remain faithful to making their relationships a success.

Nathan Ake has been a promising footballer since he left the Netherlands, his home country to the Premier League to play for Chelsea football club. During the difficult period of his career at Chelsea which saw him leave the club on loan to Reading, Watford, and Bournemouth, there was a beautiful young lady behind him known as Kaylee Ramman.

Kaylee Ramman has been with Nathan Ake throughout his hard times, especially when he made his loan deal permanent at Bournemouth. She was also behind him when Bournemouth was relegated at the end of the 2019-2020 season. And she was gracefully behind him when the 25-year-old Netherlands international joined Manchester City this summer.

Who is Kaylee Ramman?

Kaylee Ramman
Kaylee Ramman

Kaylee Ramman was born on 27 December 1994 in the Hague, Netherlands. She is mostly known as the girlfriend of Nathan Ake. Her name was on the lips of almost everyone in Manchester when she showed up beside Nathan Ake when he was unveiled as Manchester City‘s player.

Besides the fact that she is a fiancee to a football star, she has her own life. According to our findings, she got most of her education in the Netherlands before she migrated to England to join Nathan.

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Ever since she got to England, she has been so involved in growing her own business empire which is mostly blogging, modeling, swimsuit making, and dealing in jewelry.

The 25-year-old Dutch lady has been able to grow her Instagram followers to 15.7 thousand as of August 18, 2020. She has been keeping her followers glued to her page with her sweet looking pictures and some of the private time she has been enjoying with Nathan.

What is the career of Kaylee Ramman?

Kaylee Ramman
Kaylee Ramman

Just as stated earlier, Kaylee Ramman is a lady who is not just feeding on whatever Nathan earns as a Manchester City star, she has been working hard to earn her own living.

She is practically her own boss as she uses oceanic plastic to make bikinis and swimsuits for sale. She has been blogging about her travels and also models for some brands.

Besides that, Kaylee is a full-time business lady who has reportedly gone into partnership with some unknown enterprises to grow her own chain of businesses. One of the businesses that are so dear to her is the jeweler business which she owns and operates under the name Status Medal.

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Kaylee Ramman’s relationship with Nathan Ake

Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake
Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake

Kaylee Ramman came into the limelight because she is dating and engaged to Nathan. The two lovebirds have been together since they were teenagers while still trying to make sense out of life in the Netherlands. Based on available information about their relationship, Nathan started dating Kaylee in 2011 while still playing for the Chelsea youth team.

Though they started seeing themselves in January of 2011, the lovebirds made their relationship public on 27 February 2011. Ever since then, not much was heard about their relationship until August 3, 2020, when they both took to social media to announce their engagement.

Nathan asked Kaylee to marry him while they were enjoying their holiday in an unknown destination. And of course, Kaylee said yes and announced it to her followers on Instagram.

As it stands, the world is awaiting when the wedding bells will start ringing because that is the only thing left to cement the beautiful love story of Nathan and Kaylee.

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Kaylee Ramman in a hot bikini.

Kaylee Ramman and Nathan Ake celebrating 9 years of being in a relationship. This picture was posted on Kaylee Ramman’s Instagram page.

Kaylee Wag Kaylee Ramman designs bikinis Credit: Instagram @kayleerm at the beach for some good time.

The couple stopped by at The Exumas Bahamas for more fun times. Credit: Instagram @kayleerm.

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Endless blue 🇬🇷💙

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Very nice views from Santorini. Picture perfect post by Kaylee.

Kaylee Ramman is Nathan Ake’s long-time girlfriend and they are set to marry soon. They have no children yet but we are sure they are working on it.

What is Kaylee Ramman Instagram handle. @kayleerm_

Nathan Ake and Girlfriend Kaylee Ramman
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