Willi Orban Of Rb Leipzig To Donate His Blood Stem Cell

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Sport to many is life and an avenue of making positive impacts, Willi Orban of RB Leipzig is a name ready to do the lord’s work as he would engage in a blood stem cell donation today. 

Orban, A German-born Hungarian footballer is showing to the world and to other footballers ways of being an agent of change. 

He was selected as a complementary equal for blood to assist an individual with cancer of the blood. 

Willi Orban has made 37 appearances for the Hungarian senior national football team, and in line with his intended good deed, his blood stem cells would be plucked on the 8th of February, 2023. 

The Hungarian footballer stated he was shocked to learn that he was a complementary equal for the donation, but has insisted on following this route in making a great influence to humanity. 

Willi Orban said: “Of course I was surprised when I received the info that I was a match”.

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The man who has played all minutes this season making his intentions known

RB Leipzig ever-present defender indicated his interest in being a blood donor years ago, and he has been duly registered with Germany’s national bone marrow donor registry since the year 2017.

Willi Orban in action for RB Leipzig
RB Leipzig defender fixated on the action

“I without a doubt wanted to make the donation as soon as possible. I have the chance to potentially save another person’s life with very little effort.

“It was a no brainer. I hope my donation will help the recipient to recover from their illness.”

The 30-year-old has featured for the entire duration of every Bundesliga encounter this season for RB Leipzig. 

Meanwhile, due to the impactful duty which Willi Orban is set to partake in, he has been excluded from Leipzig’s training since Sunday. 

RB Leipzig has made it known that they are not sure if Willi Orban would be able to feature for the club against high-flying Union Berlin on Saturday at the Red Bull arena.

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Willi Orban

RB Leipzig for the coming days

RB Leipzig sit fourth in the league table and they are collaborating with national and international bodies saddled with the responsibility of duties regarding doping, to make sure things go smoothly. 

Willi Orban is a man that has chosen this commendable path and he claims: “football is of secondary importance” to life”. . 

“I might of course miss the Union game but even with my sporting ambitions, football is of secondary importance,” 

“Those who know me know that I will do everything I can in order to rejoin the team as soon as possible.”

Willi Orban hopes many footballers will go the route he has chosen

“I hope this inspires more people to register. The process was really simple and I feel like I’ve been very well looked after. My example shows that it makes total sense to register.”

RasenBallsport Leipzig would miss the leadership and defending abilities of Willi Orban if he doesn’t play any part against Union Berlin. 

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But they would understand that it was for the greater good of humanity. 

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