Jose Mourinho Drops Controversial Instagram Comment on Football Socks With Holes [Details]


    Former Manchester United and Roma manager Jose Mourinho has dropped bombshell Instagram post on players with dismembered socks.

    Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho dropped five-image Instagram post, appearing to make mockery of players who cut holes in their socks.

    The 60-year-old shared images of players who have cut holes in their socks coupled with a cheeky comment.

    In the bizarre series of images on his Instagram page, Jose also hit out on football authorities who appeared to abett the practice by allowing players pinched off large holes in their socks.

    Jose Mourinho

    Meanwhile, it is believed some players intentionally cut holes in their socks to relieved built-up pressure around their calves during games.

    Jose Mourinho has been a controversial figure, and it is not surprising he has chosen to weigh into such issues when other football managers deems it irrelevant in football discourse.

    In the Instagram post, Jose Mourinho shows various pictures containing legs of different players who have cut holes in backs of their team socks.

    The number of players that have taken to the practice of making holes in their socks is said to be on the rise. While the practice may appear aesthetically unappealing as Jose Mourinho believes, it has been revealed that some footballers cut holes on their socks not to milk out a deviant tradition in the game, but to reduce incidents of blood clot on the calf region during games.

    The fabric reportedly cuts some of the blood flow to the calf, leading to cramp and discomfort. Something most players dislike.

    Jose Mourinho added a satirical caption to the post, which reads; ”Beautiful socks for the Beautiful Game… Approved by the football authorities.”

    Jose Mourinho

    England stars Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka were pictured with holes in their attire at the World Cup alongside other stars who have adopted the new habit.

    Jose Mourinho
    Jude Bellingham wore dismembered socks in 2022 World Cup

    The first image shows white socks with one hole cut across both legs, while others show more striking polka dot scissor work made by athletes who have dismembered their socks.

    While taking out time to cheekily mocked and blast players with dismembered socks in his post, the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss has been under pressure at Roma, and had revealed he was near his exit from the club in December.

    After 21 games in Serie A, Roma are currently 3rd on the table with 40 points, three points adrift of second-placed Inter Milan, and one and two points above fourth-placed Lazio and fifth-placed Atalanta, respectively.

    Jose Mourinho complained that the lack of fund to acquire more players has made Roma unable to challenge for the Serie A title.

    Roma are 16 points away from Serie A leaders Napoli, who have bagged 18 wins, two draws and 1 defeat to open 13 points on top the league table.


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