Manchester City May Lose Their last Decade’s PL Titles To Manchester United


    Manchester City allegedly breached financial rules spanning 9 years and are on the brink of losing their Premier League titles to Liverpool and Man United.

    Manchester City: Manchester United And Liverpool May Be Crowned Last Decade EPL Champions

    The Premier League has charged the group with violating numerous financial fair play rules.

    The club has additionally expressed its astonishment at the alleged claims and its desire for an investigation.

    The Premier League said in a statement on Monday, February 7, that it was investigating “a number of alleged violations” of its rules by Manchester City.

    Additionally, if the accusations are confirmed, the defending champions will be subject to a number of penalties.

    City’s chances of defending their title may even be destroyed if they were expelled from the Premier League or had their points deducted.

    The charges cover the seasons 2009–10 and 2017–18, and they are:

    2009-10 season

    Manchester City finished 5th in the Premier League 2009-10 season.

    2010-11 season

    The Cityzens finished 3rd in during the 2010-11 season.

    2011-12 season

    1.Manchester City – 89 points
    2. Manchester United – 89 points

    Manchester City won the league on goal difference, and if the Premier League tries to remove their league titles, Manchester United could be crowned the champions.

    2012-13 season

    Manchester United won the league, and City came in second.


    Chelsea won the league title over City.

    Manchester City: Manchester United And Liverpool May Be Crowned Last Decade EPL Champions

    In 2015-16

    Leicester City won the title, while City finished fourth.

    In 2016-17

    City finished third.


    1.Manchester City – 100 points
    2. Manchester United – 81 points

    City won the title, and if the sanction takes place, United could be handed the league title.

    What Premier Said About Manchester City

    First, the Premier League issued the following statement: “In accordance with Premier League rule W.82.1, the Premier League confirms that it has today [February 6, 2023] referred a number of alleged breaches of the Premier League rules by Manchester City Football Club to a commission under Premier League rule W.3.4.”

    In addition, the team failed to submit “correct financial information that conveys a truthful and fair perspective of the club’s financial status” in “the utmost good faith,” which was against league rules.

    The second set of infractions, which cover the years 2009–2010 through 2012–2013 collectively, also “demand a member club to include comprehensive information on manager remuneration in its applicable contracts with its management.”

    The club’s failure to provide accurate information about player compensation in the applicable contracts for the seasons 2010–11 to 2015–16, inclusive, constitutes the second infraction.

    Despite the fact that the City already broke the Financial Fair Play rule in 2020, which led to a two-year punishment, this is the team’s second violation of that rule. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) overturned it, nonetheless, in the case involving European football.

    What sanctions can the independent commission inflict on the club?

    • Suspend a club from playing league matches.
    • Points deductions
    • recommend to the board that league matches be replayed.
    • recommend to the board that the league expel the respondent club.
    • Order compensation
    • Cancel or refuse registration of players
    • Conditional punishment
    • Order the club to pay the costs
    • Make such other order as it thinks fit
    • Also, the club may lose its status, be relegated to the Championship, or have its league titles revoked if the commission decides to impose these punishments.

    Will Manchester City Face Same Fate As Juventus?

    In contrast to Juventus, who were charged with paying players after the COVID-19 epidemic hurt the club’s finances, this situation is different.

    Additionally, a review by the Italian government agency CONSOB revealed that this cost the team and league crowns by 15 points and led to the whole Juventus board leaving the company. Last but not least, CONSOB is in charge of regulating the Italian stock exchange.

    Manchester City: Manchester United And Liverpool May Be Crowned Last Decade EPL Champions

    Manchester City has once again broken the FFP rules (not declared guilty yet), and as a result, they run the possibility of losing their league title and being relegated to the Championship.

    But at this moment, it’s still unknown how things will end for City.


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