Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of Rape by girlfriend Sara Bella after he refused to Marry her

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Thomas Partey, a Ghanaian footballer, has been accused of rape by his Moroccan partner Sarah Bella after he refused her wish to become his wife.

Thomas Partey Wife Sara Bella: Who Is She? Premier League Player Arrested &  Many Suspect Its Him - 247 News Around The World
Thomas Partey and his ex-girlfriend Sara Bella.

The Arsenal midfielder was recently connected to a rape investigation at the North London club involving an unidentified top league player.

The alleged rape reportedly took place in June 2022. Partey spent this time in Ghana, disproving rumors that he is the suspected sex offender.

However, recent reports indicate that Thomas Partey’s Moroccan girlfriend is responsible for the sex claims made against him. She did so since she had asked the Premier League star to marry her while they were on vacation in Spain.

“Thomas Partey will be absolved of all accusations since the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the rape charges against the football player citing insufficient evidence, but it’s not all done yet because another woman who also falsely accused him is aggravating the situation,” an insider said.

Unknown to when the couple traveled to Spain, a source close to Partey said that he is shocked that the woman who forced him to become Muslim could spread such lies, especially after he spent about 700,000 British pounds on their vacation.

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According to the source, Thomas Partey has spoken to his family to let them know that the charges against him are untrue and that his partner, Sara Bella, is the one who is behind them.

An allegation of rape involving a lady in her 20s was submitted to police on July 4, according to earlier reports, which were first published online on Monday.

According to reports, the player who was detained in connection with the assault is in his late 20s and will represent his nation at the World Cup in Qatar in November.

Thomas Partey picks up injury in Arsenal defeat at Crystal Palace

The football player in question, Thomas Partey, was yet to be officially identified at the time of publishing this report.

Below are screenshots from one Kojo Smith who seems to be a close associate to Thomas Partey and seems to know a lot about the rape scandal.
Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of Rape by girlfriend Sara Bella after he refused to Marry her
Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of Rape by girlfriend Sara Bella after he refused to Marry her
Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of Rape by girlfriend Sara Bella after he refused to Marry her

What happened to Thomas Partey?

Since it was reported that a Premier League player in his late 20s was detained on Monday morning, July 4, 2022, in north London on suspicion of rape, most football fans have been curious to know the identity of the player.

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The authorities are working really hard to keep the suspect’s name a secret because the player was detained on the basis of suspicion in such a delicate situation. However, some followers on social media believe that Thomas Partey might be the suspect.

Reports said that the Premier League star is a first-team player when it was announced that a player had been detained on rape allegations. The player was allegedly expected to accompany his squad on a tour this week.

Additionally, the Premier League star will play for his nation in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will get underway in November. And the player is in his late 20s which are attributes that perfectly match Partey’s current profile.

What was said?

A statement from Scotland Yard claims that on July 4, the police were informed of a rape complaint against a woman in her 20s. According to reports, the alleged rape occurred in June 2022.

“On 4 July, a 29-year-old man was arrested at an address in Barnet on suspicion of rape and taken into custody.

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“While in custody, he was further arrested on suspicion of two incidents of rape that were alleged to have been committed in April and June of 2021 against a different woman in her 20s.”

Who is Sara Bella?

Sara Bella.

Thomas Partey, a football player, was rumoured to be married to Sara Bella, a Bedouin model, who purportedly converted Partey from Christianity to Islam earlier this year.

Born in Morocco, Sara Bella is a devout Muslim who has gained notoriety since making her public debut.

The Iraqi model relocated to the UK where she met the Ghanaian football player and they started dating almost immediately.

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