Check out Mesut Ozil’s £10 million six-bedroom mansion, Expensive cars, and more. Arsenal’s £350,000 Weekly is going a long way

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    German international and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is one of the top earners in professional football. In fact, he is the highest earner at Arsenal, earning a weekly wage of £350,000.

    The Arsenal star is arguably the most stylish footballer at Arsenal currently. As he likes to look sharp always, the footballer also likes to drive expensive cars; and he lives in a £10 million six-bedroom mansion.

    Mesut Ozil playing football at the front of his mansion
    Mesut Ozil playing football at the front of his mansion

    The 31-year-old player who joined Arsenal in 2013 from La Liga club Real Madrid in a then Arsenal’s record deal worth £42.5 million, is never shy to show to the world via Instagram that he knows how to spend his £350,000 per week wages judiciously.

    Arsenal star playing football at his garden
    Mesut Ozil playing football at his garden

    For instance, in his £10 million mansions, Mesut Ozil has a playing field, a swimming pool, a parking space, a garden, a cinema, palatial living room, and the mansion is located in one of the most expensive areas in North London.

    Mesut Ozil chilling with some friends in the mansion before the coronavirus pandemic
    Mesut Ozil chilling with some friends in the mansion before the coronavirus pandemic

    For you to know that the mansion was Arsenal money at work, he took him three years after joining Arsenal to acquire the mansion which interior is heavily influenced by his Turkish background.

     living room
    A part of Mesut Ozil’s living room

    And the interior which is majorly made of marbles were reportedly made from products imported from his ancestral country, Turkey.

    Mesut Ozil chilling with his wife Amine Gulse and his wife

    Besides the luxurious mansion, the German International who is married to a Turkish model Amine Gulse doesn’t play with footwear and designers. He is always seen dressing in classic clothes and well-styled hair.

    Ozil's SLS AMG two-door supercar
    Ozil’s SLS AMG two-door supercar

    He is also known to be a lover of automobiles. He has a series of German cars like Mercedes Benz and SLS AMG two-door supercar, which he bought in 2014.

     Mesut Ozil opening his car's door to his dog
    Mesut Ozil opening his car’s door to his dog

    Ozil has also been spotted with £183,000 S65 AMG car and a £200k Ferrari 458 Italia. And of course his favourite ride, G63 AMG – worth about £143, 305.

    Ozil's favorite car G63 AMG
    Ozil’s favourite car G63 AMG

    Though the Arsenal star reportedly refused to accept the 12.5 percent pay cut which most of the other Arsenal stars who are earning lesser have accepted, the football star never fails to give back to the society.

    He has been giving support to the less privileged in Turkey and some other countries. He recently supported his German teammate Antonio Rudiger with a donation to provide 60,000 face masks to people in Sierra Leone.

    Video of Mesut Ozil’s home


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