See how Arsenal player David Luiz Celebrated Easter

images 2020 04 17T190509.937
images 2020 04 17T190509.937

Former Chelsea defender and now Arsenal player David Luiz shared a video where he displayed his football skills for the celebration of Easter. The Brazilian defender shared the video online on Easter Monday when Christians all over the globe observed the celebration in their respective homes due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The celebration of Easter in previous years has never been done on a low-key like the one that was recently celebrated. The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic marred the celebration of Easter in all countries of the world. Even the city of the Pope, Vatican City was a shadow of itself on Easter day, it was a perfect opposite of how the celebration used to be. Italy still stands high among the most affected countries of the deadly pandemic.

Reasonably, the best most football stars can do is to wish their fans and social media followers right from the comfort of their homes in a bid to obey the social distancing and lockdown order mandated by the government. David Luiz is one of the players who did something spectacular to celebrate the auspicious day with his followers. The 32-year-old defender showed his great football skills to millions of his fans and social media followers.

A few days ago, David Luiz disclosed that he thought Arsenal was a very weak team before he joined them late last year. A book should not be judged by the color of its cover, that is what they say – David Luiz can explain that assertion better than anyone. He disclosed that while he was still trading his hurdle in Chelsea, he has always had the opinion that Arsenal is a very weak team, however, he realized that he has been wrong all the while after he joined Gunners.

Also, the Brazilian defender disclosed that coming to Arsenal helped him fulfill his long-term dream of playing under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola. Although Pep Guardiola is not the coach of Arsenal, none the less, Mikel Arteta who is the coach of the team has worked under several years under Pep Guardiola. So directly or indirectly, David Luiz sees Mikel Arteta has a replica of the Manchester City boss when it comes to the level of intellectual Intelligence.


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