Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez welcomes new baby with his wife Mandinha Gama [Photo]

    images 2020 04 20T151721.943
    images 2020 04 20T151721.943

    Although the outbreak of coronavirus may have stopped the continuity of every human activity, however, it can not stop nature from doing wonders. While the rest of the world is presently put down due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Arsenal’s goal stopper Emiliano Martinez and his beautiful wife Mandinha Gama announced the birth of their child.

    Emiliano Martinez is not really a household name in Premier League football due to his inability to feature in important games for Arsenal. The 27-year-old Argentine goalkeeper experienced an unpleasant stay in Arsenal due to his ceaseless loan spells to different clubs in England, Oxford United (2012) Sheffield Wednesday (2013-2014) Rotherham United (2015), Wolverhampton Wanderers (2015-2016), Getafe (2017-2018) and Reading (2019).

    Emiliano Martinez private life

    Aside from not being too popular due to his inability to land a permanent contract, Martinez is also a very privy person. Apparently, little or nothing is available to the media about his private life, thanks to his style of living.

    The only thing revealed was the name of his wife Mandinha Gama who is also riding on the wings of her husband’s popularity as a footballer. The duo has been married for several years but there is no concrete information to prove that they have had a child before this one. As a matter of fact, the identity of their newborn baby is unknown with the way the camera picked the baby.

    Martinez Travails in Arsenal

    The Argentine completed a deal worth about €1.50m to Arsenal in 2012. Whereas, the joy of every footballer is to feature in important games where they can sell their trade to the world. However, such was not the case in Martinez’s story. There is no doubt that the 27-year-old goal stopper and newest father would regret that he existed in Arsenal during the time of Wojciech Szczęsny and David Ospina.

    As much as Martinez would have featured in several games for Arsenal, Ospina and Szczesny were two blocks that hindered him.


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