Sergio Ramos Reveals That Playing With Lionel Messi Is Much Easier Than Playing Against The Former Barcelona Star


Sergio Ramos has described playing alongside Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain as a “privilege” and claimed they share a “great” relationship.

Sergio Ramos Reveals That Playing With Lionel Messi Is Much Easier Than Playing Against Former Barcelona Star

When they were playing at Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, the two players were bitter rivals for more than ten years.

The two first worked together at PSG in 2021, and while it has been speculated that they didn’t get along very well at first, Ramos has since claimed that their bromance is developing and that he has a great deal of appreciation for his teammate’s special abilities.

“It’s something that I think generates curiosity in everyone. But in the end, we are players who have the same objective, which is to win with Paris Saint-Germain, and to make the team great. My relationship with Messi is excellent. There is great respect between the players and a healthy state of mind,” Ramos told reporters.”

“Whenever you are given the choice of having Messi with or against you, the answer is quick and sincere. Leo continues to perform at the highest level. [Messi] is still one of the most decisive players in the world and one of the best, it is a privilege to have him in the team. It is much worse to have him against you, I suffered against him for many years.”

Ramos and Messi are now frequently pictured celebrating together after the latter scores a goal for PSG.

Additionally, they have been seen laughing or having a light moment together in the gym. In fact, Messi even gave Ramos a penalty against Quevilly in the preseason after he had won it himself.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos Garca, a center-back for both the Spain national team and Ligue 1 Club Paris Saint-Germain, was born in Spain on March 30, 1986.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time and is known for his aggressive play, ball retrieval ability, and prolific goalscoring abilities.

He previously played for Real Madrid for sixteen seasons, winning four UEFA Champions League titles with the Spanish giants as well as two UEFA European Championship titles and the 2010 FIFA World Cup with the national team.

Ramos and Messi Rivalry

At the height of Spanish football, the two iconic players from Barcelona and Real Madrid, Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, feuded for more than ten years. However, they are now teammates at Paris Saint-Germain.

Ramos and Messi’s rivalry set many Clasicos ablaze with vicious tackles, verbal attacks, and exhilarating one-on-one matches, but now the pair must immediately put their differences behind them and work together.

Sergio Ramos Reveals That Playing With Lionel Messi Is Much Easier Than Playing Against Former Barcelona Star

The first time they ran into each other was in 2010, when Ramos lost his cool due to irritation after Messi’s outstanding performance in Barcelona’s 5-0 victory against Real Madrid.

Ramos came to the end of his rope in stoppage time and scythed down Messi from behind, sending the striker tumbling to the Camp Nou grass while the Argentine was still slipping through Madrid defenders.

As the Madrid player was ejected, the pundits said, “Horrific kick by Ramos; a terrible hit.”

Ramos pushed Carles Puyol in the face and then shoved Xavi Hernandez in the palm as he rushed off the field while being glared at by Jose Mourinho, the team’s then-coach.

Despite failing to score for the first time in 10 Clasicos, Messi put on a show for Mourinho, who had accused him of being theatrical prior to the match.

Sergio Ramos and Messi Meets in PSG Again

The majority of football fans have not yet adjusted to Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi sharing a dressing room.

During their time playing in the Spanish top division, Messi and Ramos faced off against one another; the former played for FC Barcelona, while the latter played for Real Madrid.

Given that Messi is a forward and Ramos is a defender, they frequently cross paths, most notably during El Clasico.

However, after moving to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2021, their long-standing rivalry has been put on hold.

Messi and Ramos have genuinely become the best of friends, putting aside their tense relationship that resulted from competing on opposing teams for the majority of their careers. They have maintained an admirable bond and camaraderie. 

This was demonstrated in PSG’s practice facilities as they got ready for their Ligue 1 match against Troyes on matchday 13.

As they prepared to put themselves through the paces for last Saturday’s match, the pair had a boisterous chat and cracked jokes, with Kylian Mbappe joining in on the conversation.

According to news reports, Messi and the 36-year-old Spanish defender are both having a fantastic season after having a dismal first season with the Parisians.

Ramos and Messi this season

For PSG this season, Sergio Ramos is goalless but has managed to set up a total of two significant scoring opportunities.

Sergio Ramos Reveals That Playing With Lionel Messi Is Much Easier Than Playing Against Former Barcelona Star

Ramos has a total of 4 opportunities created, 1 assists, and 3 critical passes (passes that set up shots on goal). Passes into the box are completed by the Spaniard 50% of the time.

The former Real Madrid starter has made a total of 28 tackles, 24 aerial duels, and 6 blocks for PSG thus far this season.

While his old arch rival Lionel Messi has a total of 51 chances created, 61 critical passes, and 11 assists.

With 7 goals and a total of 34 shots on goal this season, he has also contributed to PSG’s winning streak. A 63% goal conversion rate is the effect of this. He has had 42 major opportunities in all so far this season.


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