Sergio Ramos’ wife, Pilar Rubio Reveals that She Has Sex With The PSG Star Everyday

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Pilar Rubio has opened up on shocking details about her sex life with Sergio Ramos after marriage. Ramos and Pillar tied the nut in 2019.

Pilar Rubio
Pilar Rubio shares her love life with her husband and PSG defender Sergio Ramos

Model, top Spanish media influencer and personality Pilar Rubio have delved into stunning details of her private life with her husband and PSG defender Sergio Ramos after just three years of marriage.

Polar Rubio and former Real Madrid and La Liga star Sergio Ramos got married in 2019 in Seville, Spain, after over 7 years of being in a relationship.

They have four male children together and have equally had a blissful married life since tying the knot, unlike the reality facing the families of top sports celebrities.

In a Television interview, Pilar Rubio shared giddy moments of his love for Sergio Ramos.

The 44-year-old mother made some intimate confessions while speaking during the interview

According to her, she has sex with Ramos every day because, to her, “sex is life.”

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Rubio made the confession when she was asked how often she romped with her celebrity husband in the last 30 days after three years of marriage.

Pilar Rubio
Pilar and Ramos got married in 2019 after seven years relationship

In her words;

“We do it every day, except for the days when I am in Madrid. Today, for instance, thanks to you, I can’t.”

David Broncano, the interviewer who hosted the chat show, was somewhat shocked at Rubio’s reply about their sex life with four children in the house.

Rubio was described as the Avengers superhero, having sex regularly with four kids in the house.

Playing down the description, Rubio added;

“My children are in bed at 9.30pm. Sex is life.”

Rubio turned on Broncano, the host, and asked him how often he had sex.

Broncano stylishly evaded the question by asserting that since he had no children, there cannot not be any comparison.

Sergio Ramos’s wife further cleared the air saying that having four children did not affect their sex life in any way.

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She further delved into her ordeal since her husband joined PSG on a free transfer from Real Madrid.

Rubio also revealed the amount in her account balance.

Since her husband joined PSG in French Ligue 1, Rubio said she had to commute regularly between Paris and Madrid.

She also revealed that she had £46,000 in her bank account.

Pilar Rubio is a renowned Social media personality with over 8 million followers on Instagram. Her net worth is pegged at £10 million.

However, she has not hidden the ordeal of having to work in Spain but living in France with Sergio Ramos.

Pilar Rubio
They have four children together, all male

“I’m always a bit confused because of working in Spain and living in France, but in the bank, there’s €52,000″, she said.

Rubio’s bank balance information was also a shocker to Broncano. She further added that she was referring to the current accoun.

“I’m talking about the current account, which is the one I saw”, she clarified.

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Rubin and Ramos tied the knot in 2019 after seven years of dating

They have four children, all boys. Their eldest son is eight years, while the youngest is two years.

Rubio had once revealed how their love is still fresh despite spending over a decade with each other.

According to her, it is as if they met each other yesterday. Everything is just going on well.

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