Denis Zakaria Scores On His Debut For Chelsea As The Blues Beat Dinamo Zagreb To Qualify For UCL Round Of 16


    Denis Zakaria, who had joined Chelsea on loan from Juventus on the penultimate day of the summer transfer season, had to wait more than two months to make his debut for the club.

    Denis Zakaria Scores On His Debut For Chelsea As The Blues Beat Dinamo Zagreb To Qualify For UCL Round Of 16

    We had started to question whether we would ever see the midfielder in Chelsea Blue, and he was likely beginning to ask himself similar questions.

    But when the head coach finally chose his number last night, the 25-year-old delivered a performance that left us wondering even more why it had taken him so long to make his debut.

    Although the opponent wasn’t of the highest caliber, his play from box to box was a sight to behold. He wasn’t Kanté, no.

    Only N’Golo is capable of being Kanté. However, Zakaria was a standout in his own right and appeared ecstatic to be performing.

    In a post-game interview, the player stated: “Amazing feeling. Very happy about my goal and for the win as well because it was important for us to take the three points for our confidence.”

    “I’m happy [with my performance] but I need more match practice because at the end I was a bit tired and I had a cramp also so it was not easy for me. But a good debut for me, and I have to continue like that.”

    “[It’s been] very, very difficult I have to say. I like to play and always want to play. When you have to see your teammates from the bench it is not easy but I was always behind the team and was waiting for my chance. Today it came and I took my chance.”

    “[It was an] amazing feeling. The Chelsea fans are amazing. It is really good for me to have this experience. I hope I can have a lot of games in front of Chelsea fans. [And] I hope [I can get more minutes] but I think that is a question you will have to ask the coach!”

    Graham Potter claimed that there was some contact before Zakaria left the game midway through the second half, despite the fact that he played down any potential complications by calling it a cramp.

    Such high praise that, once more, it is understandable to question why this man was unable to obtain even a single minute in the previous two months.

    Denis Zakaria

    Denis Lemi Zakaria Lako Lado, a Swiss professional football player who currently plays defensive midfield for Premier League side Chelsea while on loan from Juventus, and the Switzerland national team, was born on November 20, 1996.

    Zakaria started out playing for the neighborhood club Servette after being born in Geneva, Switzerland, to a South Sudanese father and a Congolese mother.

    Zakaria signed a four-year contract and joined Young Boys in June 2015 for an unknown sum.

    Denis Zakaria Scores On His Debut For Chelsea As The Blues Beat Dinamo Zagreb To Qualify For UCL Round Of 16

    On July 18, 2015, against FC Zürich, he made his Swiss Super League debut, coming on to replace Alexander Gerndt after 79 minutes of a 1-1 away tie.

    How good is Denis Zakaria?

    Zakaria has drawn comparisons to Paul Pogba and former France international Patrick Vieira as a result of his traits and playing style.

    Due to his speed, strength, athleticism, and aggressive playing style, Zakaria has been referred to as a midfield powerhouse.

    He is renowned for his calm passing as well as for bursting forward from midfield.

    He is mostly a defensive midfielder, but he can also play in a holding, box-to-box, or center midfield role and has also acted as a central defender.

    Where is Zakaria originally from?

    The football player from Switzerland was born in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 20, 1996, to Rina Zakaria and Lako Lado Zakaria.

    Out of three children, Denis Zakaria was born as the last child (the baby of the house) (himself, an older brother and a sister).

    Denis Zakaria and his two siblings were born as a result of the lovely relationship between his parents.

    Zakaria, a young man who is fortunate enough to reside in the city center of Switzerland, is a true Genevan. More specifically, he was raised in Rue du Perron.

    This neighborhood is found in Geneva, which is Switzerland’s second-most populous city after Zürich.

    The footballer from Switzerland comes from a middle-class family that values sports.

    Denis Zakaria Scores On His Debut For Chelsea As The Blues Beat Dinamo Zagreb To Qualify For UCL Round Of 16

    According to information from our study, Denis Zakaria’s father was an amateur football player (in Africa). He is currently employed by a ministry of sports in Congo.

    Denis’ mother, on the other hand, runs a business. Rina is a hairstylist, just like Daine Davies, Tom Davies’ mother. She actually owns one of Geneva City’s most prosperous hair salons.

    Because of familial obligations, Denis Zakaria was raised by his mother Rina, who also raised his older brother Richard.


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