Real Madrid Captain Nacho Fernandez And Luka Modric Talk Tough Ahead of Champions League Final


Real Madrid stalwart defender and captain Nacho Fernandez is gearing up for what could potentially be his last game at his boyhood club.

With the UEFA Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund a few hours to kick off, the excitement and anticipation levels at the club are reaching fever pitch.

The departure of key players like Toni Kroos has already been confirmed, and Nacho Fernandez’s future at Santiago Bernabeu remains uncertain.

However, this has not dampened the spirits of the Real Madrid captain, who exudes confidence and ambition ahead of the crucial showdown.

Speaking to the media in the Wembley press room ahead of the UCL final clash against Dortmund, Nacho Fernandez made it clear that his team respects their opponent but he believes in the capabilities of his team.

The captain said: “I have the utmost confidence in this team. We are full of enthusiasm and ready to give it our all in the final.”

“We have a lot of respect for our opponents, but we have a lot of confidence because of the season we’ve had. This competition is very special for us.”

As Real Madrid looks to secure yet another Champions League title, Nacho Fernandez’s leadership and determination will be crucial on the field.

The 34-year-old Spaniard feels very excited to be part of Real Madrid’s team that have won 6 Champions League trophies and hopes to win another one before his departure.

He added: “A few years ago it was almost impossible to think of catching up with a legend like Paco Gento , but now we’re just one step away from a final and having the chance to win it.”

“It’s exciting to be part of this small group of players with six Champions League titles, but first, we want to focus on the match, to feel good and confident about the match.”

When asked about the players’ emotions leading up to the Champions League final this week, Nacho expressed that it has been the most nerve-wracking week of the season.

He commented: “This has been the most nervous week of the season, as we’re going into a final and nervous that’s when we’re most. We’re confident, but we’re human. It’s going to be a difficult game because it’s a final, although this is special for the club. It’s exciting for the fans, but for the players, it’s uneasy because it’s something special.”

Real Madrid have developed a routine of mounting comebacks when faced with a deficit, as demonstrated by their domination over Manchester City to secure a spot in the final.

However, Nacho believes that starting with a lead is preferred, as the team struggles on the field when trailing behind.

He said: “We prefer to start by winning because on the pitch we suffer when we’re losing, even if it doesn’t look like it.”

With some hours left until the big game, all eyes will be on the captain and his team as they battle it out for glory.

When asked what it means to play in the Champions League final, Nacho replied: “It’s special, exciting and thrilling.

“It’s the best thing that can happen to a football player and even more so if you’re a Real Madrid player, because of what it means for this club and a youth squad.”

Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s talented midfielder Luka Modric is primed for the opportunity to make history in tonight’s UEFA Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund.

Modric, who is on the brink of extending his contract, expressed surprise at Madrid’s ability to reach the final.

With five Champions League titles already under his belt with Madrid, he is eager to add another to his collection.

Modric said: “It’s unimaginable to think we could reach this moment, but we’re here and enjoying the moment. Hopefully, we can take this step together as a team. Winning six European Cups would be impressive”

What’s next for Real Madrid?

Nacho Fernandez will captain Real Madrid as they face off against Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League final tonight at Wembley Stadium. The match is scheduled to begin at 8 pm.


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